Just like the million others who is living under the same sky, I'm just trying to find that significant one to write my own fairy tale stories...

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Stop pissing me off!

Every little thing just seems to be pissing me off. Don't ask me why for i don't even know the reason myself. Maybe it is just the environment. Staying the hostel makes me feel suffocated. I need air, fresh one.

The Fish's concert was actually quite good. But i'm not a big Fish's fan so i din like went totally crazy. For ppl who know me, only Lee Hom has that kind of effects on me. I dun think any of you would want to attend his concert with me. I was quite surprised when Egwin says he would slap his GF if she demands too much. Of course he meant it in a joking way but still he gives me the impression that he is another MCP. For your info, i don't like MCP guys for i'm a WCP myself. I like to take charge, i dun like ppl telling me what to do. I appreciate some of my friends for trying to pair me but i would say "Thanks but no thanks". If i like someone, i would go for it. It is not as if i'm the type of girls that lives in the old days waiting for that someone to come. I rather fight for my own happiness. And if i dun like someone, no amt of pairing would help. I would rather they save their efforts on other ppl who needs it. I dun need it. Attached or alone, i can still survive. *For ppl who thinks that this short paragraph is for them, you may be right or you may be wrong. The best way is to ask me! I would be honest if this paragraph is really for you*

Four more days to holiday and i'm counting. But come to think of it, i might miss the school days where i get to joke around with my friends. Life is a dilemma. You always want the things that you don't have. What do i not have now? Definitely my sleep...

Monday, October 25, 2004

Life as usual but with little bit of spices

I played mahjone for the whole night on Friday. Gosh! I don't even know how i did that though i do remember that i was one hell of a zombie when the sunlight shine on me the following morning. But it's fun. I have not played mahjone like since last year New Year eve? How much did i lose? Eh, i lose about.. Wait a minute! What makes you think that i will lose? What as usual? Erm.. Well, ok so i din win but that does mean i always lose. My luck was better this time, i only lost about 3 dollars. Yah, i know. A new record for me for losing so little money for the first time.

I was about to give up the idea of getting a ticket for the Fish Leong's concert tomorrow or is it today? Then, i was offered two! How funny the way fate twisted everything. So now, i not only get to go, i get to invite a friend as well! Heehee..

I was initially quite happy that school is ending this week until i heard from my other CS frens that their lessons had ended last Friday! Arrgh... Why must Chemistry always be the last to finish. Last time in NUS, we are always the first to start exam and the last to finish. Even in NIE, we still can't escape this fate. Is it the subject or the chemistry people? Hmmm.. I can't never understand..

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I hate my life!

NIE life is getting more and more complicated. Like what one of my colleagues told me before i went in. I really don't wanna be involved in any of it. But i'm not happy to be put down by people because of selfish reason. The guys here are so stupidly childish! I thought they would be better since they are older than the Uni guys but it seems that apart from growing older, they did not get any wiser.

I should forget all about it! I came here to study, not to be involved in funny things. Life is already as trouble as it can get. I should live happy. When i'm not feeling good, i would buy things. That's explains why i bought another electronic gadget again.. =~( Yeah! I know not a good habit but i guess it beats eating. Speaking of which, i'm getting a little bit of flesh on my waist.

I need to take my dinner.. Yes, i know..

Monday, October 18, 2004

My Birthday!

My birthday actually turns out to be quite fine. I was thinking that it is gonna be another boring day but thanks to mine that bunch of zany CPA friends, it was quite nice. Our dearest Daniel (Note: He's a powerpoint expert!) specially prepared a birthday powerpoint presentation for me. He showed it during the lesson today. So touch! The slides are very well prepared.. They are actually editing it during class today and i was sitting beside them the whole time! They are such good actors.. So much for my observation skills. Haha..

Went out with a friend that i've not seen for a long time for dinner. Use this opportunity to meet up too. He said he actually has a surprise for me but however his surprise surprised him instead so no surprise for me =(

Just when i thought that my day was perfect, my precious laptop had to give me problems. When i was doing my assignments halfway, the screen suddenly went crazy and i absolutely can't switch off it. Out of no choice, i had to pull off the power plug and that was a very bad choice. Now i can't on it! Why do electronic stuffs always gimme problems?!??!


I hope this laptop problem won't last long...