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Thursday, February 22, 2007

I have a good day

Life can be such an irony.

I was pretty worried about today lesson as I felt I was very ill-prepared for it. However, to my surprise, it turned out to be the best teaching day that I had have this year.

I don’t have to scream or scold at anyone today. Everyone was on task and I feel that I could teach efficiently today and that is a very good feeling. Imagine, even your worse class is learning effectively and asking questions! I must treasure today for it may be rare and tomorrow, it will be back to scold and teach again.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is over in a flash and the much-awaited holidays are over.


I had a good holiday. I felt that I had rested enough and I managed to finish my marking! Woohoo! And I still managed to find the time to fine tune my teaching style. What a happy holiday.

I was comtemplating about visiting relatives as it can be pretty boring at times. But I’m glad I went, for I finally managed to meet my cousin whom I had not seen for years.

Remember in the 80s, where 琼瑶 is very popular and almost every Taiwan’s drama is based on her novel? In her story, there is always a couple who are青梅竹马 and always fall in love with each other. Well, that cousin of mine can be considered as my 青梅竹马. I remembered our relatives used to tease that we will probably get together just like the 琼瑶 drama. Our mom gave birth to us around the same time (I’m two weeks younger than him) and therefore they always hang around. As a result, we are playmates with each other. We go swimming together, played at the playground together and almost did everything together. That is until that incident happened and after that, everything changes. We no longer hang out together; in fact I think we don’t really talk to each other much anymore. He became so shy that it is difficult to get a conversation going with him!

So the only time I will get to meet him now, will be during the CNY relative visiting. And because of the difference in timing, I think I have missed him for the past five years during the visiting.

Finally, fate came and I managed to meet him in the lift and he is still as shy as usual. I think I had only managed to speak five sentences with him!

No, don’t get your idea wrongly. He has a girlfriend now (finally!) and I think he is going to get married pretty soon. But it is nice to see and talk to him again. Kinda bring back the childhood.

Now that CNY is over, I guess I will have to wait till next year to see him again.

Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Friday! 2 more days to CNY..

2 more days to the Chinese New Year and i'm not really excited about it. The world seems to be so different when you are only a kid. I remember i used to like CNY alot cos that will be the only time where i can eat and drink as much junk as i could without being scolded. Now that i can afford to buy my own junk food, CNY seems a bit boring.

Everyone in the staffroom seem to be in a good mood or maybe it is the sea of red that everyone is wearing. Either way, it was, correction is a happy day though i had just seen something that had slightly stained what would have been a happy day. But i do not want to let that one person to ruin my mood, so WHATEVER.

The bazaar was a sucess i think. Although my class didn't managed to sell a lot of things. But they had fun and that is all that matters. In the end, they have to bring back some of the stuffs that they had brought to sell.

I've this urge to go for movies, especially when i had finished a big pile of marking. Sadly, everyone seem to have programs. Sob sob. D asked me to meet him in town but i'm not really in the mood to travel so far because it is raining. Sorry D! I hope you had find a nice pair of shoes.

I think i shall go back to my marking (5 more piles, Jiayou!) so that i can enjoy the whole or tmr and Sunday =D

To you. Yes, you!

I'm feeling a little bit mad.

I thought of just deleting the comment and ignoring the one who doesn't dare to leave a name. But i'm not in the mood to be Miss Nicey so i shall post this.

It seems like there will always be people who dare to comment but never dares to leave their names. Makes you wonder if they are just cowards hiding behind their computer screens.

You don't like the way i write my blog. I''m fine with that. You think i'm complaining too much. I'm fine with that too. I only have one thing to say "Don't read it if it bothers you so much because i will continue to write like this". Why comment when you don't even understand the issue i'm talking about. Fullstop. Period.

I like my students and i like the teaching part of the job. I just can't stand some of the other areas of my workplace which i think OUTSIDERS would never understand.

I would love to know which areas of work does that one works in. Because he sounds so.. NOBLE.

So Mr Noble, i believed you have better things to do than to reply to this post again, right? Or then again, maybe you don't have, that's why you are following my blog.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What exactly is the correct and proper way to dress for work?

How should I start?

The incidents that happened yesterday and this morning helps me made up my mind about leaving the service after my bond is up. I still have passion for the job but the other areas of the job are driving me crazy. That shouldn’t be the way to work. I want to be me, not a rat running aimless in a rat race.

Sometimes, it can be so disheartening although the kids do help to perk me up. But it just isn’t enough. I do not mind being busy but it has to be justifiable. If one person is doing most of the job while the rest are going home early, then that is NOT justifiable. The ironic thing is, at the end of the day, the rats that are leaving early everyday get the honour while the working ants remain unseen. It would be a blessing if the working ant doesn’t get the blame. I HATE the workplace. I don’t think I have ever felt so miserable in a workplace before. I kept trying to find ways to like the environment and yet everyday, there will be new things to pop up and frustrates me.

I want to work in a place where the heads are concern towards their subordinates, not being indifference. A simple statement like “This is your personal problem so I cannot help you” tells a lot about how much they care for us. What is so personal about my workload that they cannot help me with? What is the use of having a RO when that RO doesn’t even care if you are dying from overwork or your health is failing because you can’t even get proper rest from sickness? I really pity my colleague who had just lost her baby. People are more concern about when is she coming back for work, than her emotional status. I feel like shouting “HELLO! We are living things with EMOTIONS! Can you people stop treating us like we are equipments that have to work non-stop despite having mechanical problems?”

ARRGH!!! This is so frustrating. What a way to start my 14th of Feb. Now I will probably end up showing a black face to my date tonight.

Allow me to complain a little bit more.

I was told that my attire was too causal today. So I asked a few colleagues which part of my attire is causal and they were stunned. So it is ok to dress sexily but it is not ok to wear sleeveless top. So I can come to work the next time with a mini-skirt but I cannot come to work in my green top. It is not that I want to wear this top but they wanted us to wear green top and that is my only green top! If I don’t wear green, they will say that I’m anti-social, and when I do now, it is my fault too. So I’m supposed to buy a brand new green top for today? What about some others who always wear like they are going clubbing? So that is ok?

Just because that person looks good in her sexily clothes so no one is telling her off? Since when it is ok for us to wear mini-skirt to school to teach? Since when it is ok for us to wear super tight clothing to show off our figure? Are we teaching or are we modeling to the students? Why is it that no one is telling her off but they are picking on everyone else?

Stupid double standard.