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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On Turning 28...

What a difference a year can make!

I can still remember the unsettling feeling of turning 27 and how I had spent an entire entry writing out my uneasy emotions. But it is kinda different for this year.

Maybe 27 is really an awkward age because I do not feel anything like what I had felt last year on my birthday. There is no unsettling feeling of growing old and surprisingly, I actually embraced turning 28. Although, it does not change the fact that the BIG 30 is still approaching but I think I will take it in my stride.

It hasn’t been an easy year. There are a lot of downs but the experience had made me learnt to see things positively even when the situation seemed to be hopeless. I had definitely grown, both physically and emotionally.

I may not be the ‘sweet young thing’ anymore but I have gained experiences that are unknown to the ‘sweet young things’. Maybe when I hit the big 30, I would have morphed into a mature and sophisticated lady.

So here I am, announcing to the world that I have officially turned 28 and not feeling an ounce of unhappiness.

Happy 28th Birthday to myself!

I’m so gonna buy a big present to reward myself! Haha!