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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The 'Julie & Julia' movie

The cover of the DVD says it is the 'feel good movie of the year' and since it is always nice to have a little 'feel good' aspect on a normal, if not boring, day off, I pick it off the shelf.

The movie moves along the storylines of Julia Child and Julie Powell who seem to have a lot in common where actually Julie is nothing like Julia. Both are seemingly lost at some point of their life and do not know what they would want to do about it. Both had used cooking as a way to find what they had wanted in life. But that's it. The similarities ended there. The movie had tried to make us believe that Julie is like a modern version of Julia but there is nothing further from the truth.

Julia Child potrayed by Meryl Streep is a joyous character to watch. She is funny, charming and loving all at the same time. She makes one feel that cooking could be the best thing ever. She doesn't give up but instead strives to be better when being told that she has no talent for cooking. She stands out (literally with her height!) among the men in her Le Cordon Bleu cooking class. You could feel her passion in both life and cooking and could thus share her joy when her cook book is finally being published.

Julie Powell potrayed by Amy Adams, on the other hand, is a difficult character to watch. She whines and whines and whines all the time. It just seem as if she feel that the whole world owes her somethings and take it for granted when one try to please her. I absolutely hate it in the movie where Julie screams at her husband when she failed at a recipe where the poor man had done so much for her. It makes me wonder if the current generation of women behave like Julie Powell. Are we a self-centred bitch like her?

There was a scene in the movie where Julie went to a lunch with a bunch of 'supposedly' good friends and she hates it. Probably because these so-called friends weren't talking about anything happy except to show off their career achievement or about topics that no one else could relate to except for them. Don't we encounter people like this from time to time?

It does seem like the younger generation is all about seeking attention when we post about ourselves on our blogs or facebook or anywhere in the cyber space. Is it really like what the Julie character had said in the movie "It is all about ouselves"?

To put it all, the movie is a wonder only if you are obssessed with cooking and able to put up with whining. Sadly, it is not that Amy Adams is a bad actress but it is just too bad that she has to play an entirely flawed character.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm back!

Well, i'm not exactly gone but I have been missing from this little space for 6 months. I simply decided to stop writting and take a break because it is getting too depressed to blog about the unhappy things.

A lot of things had happened in the past 6 months.

I had quited my job, gotten married, moved into my new house and finally started on my new job. I don't really feel like blogging in details about everything. Maybe i'll just leave it for the next post.

Meanwhile, the June holidays had come and go in a flash. It is a little bit weird that the holiday ain't going to last for a whole month but then again, I never did get 4 weeks of holiday in the past. It is always the same thing of 2 weeks of extra classes and 1 week of meetings and stuffs. Thus, it was a refreshing change that I have absolutely nothing to do in these two weeks except to purely enjoy the holiday. There is no lesson preparation to worry about or any 'project' that must be rushed during the holiday. The only thing I have worried about for the whole 2 weeks is to wonder what to have for lunch.

It's a good feeling and I finally feel that I have been liberated.