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Monday, October 29, 2007

Facebook and time

I have the urge to blog. I really do. But sometimes, you just have too many topics that you wanna talk about or too many things that you wish to clear up. I simply get lazy. I have thought of posting a reply to the previous post but gave up the idea. I have thought of deleting the previous post but gave up that idea too. Yeah, the previous post is bitch all right and harsh but i still do feel that people always act as if they do not care when it doesn't concern them. So that post shall stay since i have history to erasing words that i had said.

On a happy note. I have finally decided to treat myself better and asked YY out for some action tomorrow night. I'm so out-of-shape. Still dreaming about losing some weight (more like 5kg?!) over the holidays.

And i have finally joined Facebook after countless invitations. Bad choice! Now i'm totally addicted to it. Within days of joining, i have been biten (am i a vampire or werewolf now?), poked, received gifts and many more. Definitely not recommend for those who has little time to spare. I wished someone had warned me...

Monday, October 08, 2007


I'm just finding an outlet to rant so allow me to..

The world is unfair. That fact has been known for the longest time. However, sometimes not everyone can understand this fact.

Recently, some colleagues had stated that I’m money forward looking. Yes, I’m. With my current situation where every cent that I brought home counts, $$ is a very important thing to me.

I was laming how unfair the system was when teachers likes me who has been in the system for a number of years are getting less or the same pay as those who had just joined us. It sucks to know that a newcomer of the same qualification is getting the same pay as one who has been working for some time. It is even worse when I realized that I’m getting one increment short of some newcomer when we are both merit holder. It makes me wonder if I’m somehow lousier than the BT because I’d joined the services a few years earlier?

Even after my promotion, the pay is really bad when compared to the new batches. I can safety says that if I were to leave now and join again, I would probably get a much higher pay even without the promotion.

I am upset. Yes I’m. I’m even more upset when some colleagues had causally ask me not to be so comparative. It made me super pissed off. It is easier to say such things when they are getting at least a thousand dollars more than you and have lighter workloads.

Have it occur to them that when they are having tea and chatting session in the lounge, I’m still rushing off for my graduating classes? Or when they are holidaying at home during the breaks, I’m still here everyday for the extra extra classes?

Those are my responsibilities so I accepted them. But to go through everyday like it is a rush and to have much (to my opinion) unfair pay scheme just damped your spirit to work.

I hate the fact that there are people who can tell me that they don’t care about the salary cos it is not important. Only real fortunate people can afford to say such a thing when they don’t have responsibilities and bills to pay.

On the good side, at least I wouldn’t have to struggle so much next year to leave the service since I know I can easily replace my current income.