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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Man, you behaved like a woman!

It is difficult to work in an environment where the management is sexist. It seems as if the skirt is getting in our way of promotion or maybe it makes us look like we are not capable of handling big project. Whatever the case is, I personally felt that the ladies are wearing the pants in my office.

I’m not saying that the male species is more inferior. But the male gender in my office does seem to be lacking in the ‘man’ factor.

Teaching is already difficult in nature without all the politics. It is even more frustrating when one has to play the rules and handles the admin work. It does seem that the male species, too overcome by their competitive nature, are too consumed in the political games to pay attention to anything else. It is as if they are been paid to play games and not to work. They are good at pushing blames or playing ‘taji’ when work is assigned. To make things worse, they can’t even do the work assigned to them simply.

A very good example happened recently. A particular male colleague was asked to photocopy the notes for the whole level as he had forgotten to include the chapter when we sent the notes for print. It sounds fair enough that he has to do the damage control isn’t it?

Well, guess what. He managed to screw up again. The teachers needed the notes to teach the classes but he had not even sent it for print. How difficult can it be to print 2 pages and then placed in the print folder for the printer to print for us?! He managed to come up with a thousand and one excuses on why he can’t do it. I felt like telling him that a good excuse would be that he is incapable.

In the end, the others had to do his work for him. This is not the first time that we had to end up doing his work for him while he happily goes home at 3pm everyday. I really felt like asking him if it is that difficult to stay for one more minute to send the thing for printing?

So much for being a man. Someone please pass him a skirt!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Low resistance, High current!

It is nothing new to find out that I have low resistance level. I’m just frustrated at how low my resistance is when it comes to spending money.

Last week, YY sms-ed about the Amore Good Friday promotion where one can extend their membership for another year at a cheap rate. I thought hard about it since I wasn’t really using much my Amore membership anyway. However, unable to say no to such a promotion, I signed up anyway. Now my bank is couple of hundreds poorer. That is not to mention I got myself a hip scarf meant for the belly-dancing class and another sport top.

I make the resolution to go for Amore more often since I had extend my package and I have not yet stepped into the outlet after last week lesson. I checked my records and realized that I had gone for about a grand total of 9 classes for these few months.

I felt like a sucker throwing my money away every month. Colleague M says that I should put my workout into my schedule and that way I can’t use busyness as an excuse.

Now, that is a really brilliant idea until I give in to my laziness again.

YY help me!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I got a free ticket!

It wasn't my birthday nor any other special occasion but someone decided to treat me to the Jacky Cheung' concert opening in July.

I felt so pampered! Thank you my dear.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I was bug!

KJ sms-ed me to ask me if something is wrong upon reading my blog and there are others who sms-ed to ask if I was bitten by the promotion bug.

No, it is not the promotion bug. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t one of those who are promoting in April. Really, it was a slight disappointment and I was fine after a short while. It is not like I’m not gonna be promoted but it will be a bit later than the rest. I shall see it as a birthday present since that is my birth month. I’m truly happy for auntie H, CW, YY and KJ (these are the few whom I know had gotten the promotion letters, to those whom I didn’t hear about, congrats too!). Now, to share your joy, how about giving me a treat? Right KJ, since you feel guilty about been promoted so soon? Honestly, I think you deserve it KJ because we can all see your hard work =)

So what was bugging me? Well, I was pretty affected by the comment posted some time ago, and since I never really addressed it, it just sort of built up within me. On top of that, the previous week was a jinx for me.

I hadn’t really recovered from the fever since the March holidays. That resulted me to visit my doctor for five times within a time span of 3 weeks (damn, I should just get a VIP card!). To make things worse, I failed my driving practical exam while my other friend who took it on the same day passed. I was just miserable when the gastric problem had to act up causing me to be absent on Friday. And the promotion news came, which makes me felt like it was just not my week. Bleah..

When I thought that I was finally recovering from my gastric, I have to suffer the pain that every woman went through monthly. Sometimes, I just hate been a woman, except when it comes to shopping…