Just like the million others who is living under the same sky, I'm just trying to find that significant one to write my own fairy tale stories...

Thursday, September 23, 2004

New features on my blog

Finally got a tagboard for my blog. Been wanting to do that for sometime liao. Heh, it seems like PED513 does has some usefulness after all. Haha..

These few days have been pretty strange for me. I kept getting flashback about my life. Kept thinking about my younger days, not that i'm very old but i was younger then. I think i led a much more interesting life then. Everything now was pretty sianz. Or maybe it is my hall life that is boring. No kidding. Living all alone here with no one to talk to can be pretty horrible. I think i should stop thinking so much. Not doing me any good.

Have been preparing for the Australia trip at the end of the year. Haha.. I dun think i'm that hardworking in my work. I could already see the sea, the beach and all the handsome guys there! (Thanks to the Australia tourism TV ad which has been showing all day and night long!) Should be exciting. Just hope we dun get lost (not because i'm gonna be there ok!). But then it can be fun to get lost too. Haha..

I think i so need a break. Haven't been really going out for a long time. Maybe i should go shopping..

Stressed out!

My resistance to do the NIE assignments is super high now. In fact, i have no mood to do any other stuffs. I'm so burned out. The worst part is, the semester is not over yet. So, yes there are more assignments to hand (nightmare!). I have changed my attitude from aiming to get an A for every assignment to just a pass. Cos, i can't even finish liao where got mood to aim for A?

Felt that my life is a bit messed up. This should be the way to live a life... Staying in hall nowadays can be quite boring cos i'm staying all alone and i dun even know the neighbours! So sianz, no one to talk to. You know how terrible that is for me? (For ppl who knows me very well, knows that i need my daily dose of talking) This is hell and it is lonely. Hmm... Maybe i need love.. But nah... Nothing much here in NTU. NUS more happening, more gossips flying around. Too much actually that sometimes i can't even see what's hit me~

I would love to continue writing in here (and get grading but it is only a dream), play with my hamster or watch the new season of south park that i have in my laptop now. But alas, i can only do one thing now.. That is to go do my work liao.

So that's all folks, for the moment.

Monday, September 06, 2004

I'm so tired..

I'm so tired. Tired from rushing through one assignment after another. I need a break. On the verge of crying just now when i realised that i had so many things to accomplish by next week. Guess i'm not good at handling stress.I need a break. My mind has gone completely blank. I decide to come here and write instead cos it doesn't require much thinking.

Wrote an email to my Chemistry members and told them that as much as i hope to finish the stack of readings they passed to me, i simply can't cos i've other assignments which is more urgent. Sadly, they are rather unsympathetic. The 'leader' of the group wrote back to say that everyone has a part to play in this project. Of course i knew that. I'm not saying i dun wanna do anything, i just ask for an extention. Plus, this project is due in end Nov!! Seriously i dun see what is the hurry. I've no strength to argue. I have decided to go on Wed and tell them that. I'm sorry if they see my point and i dun mind going to the lecturer with them to talk about this.

Think i'm complaining too much. Just stress. Things will be better next week.. I hope.

P/S: Thanks Terence for sharing with me all the things that i'm not suppose to do in the seventh month.. Now i'm more scared than ever to stay alone in hall!!!! Brr... You owe me a meal.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

When will world peace finally arrive?

Went to baby Hobbes's shower today. It was so crowded at Bernard's house. But it's ok, i've not seen my club friends for a while. Take it as a gathering as well. The baby is supposed to be the center of attraction but we ended up playing the board game "Cash Flow" that Ching2 brought along with her. Was only planning to stay for a few hours but i stayed till 9pm!!! Damn... Haven't even start on my PED514 yet. Gotta burn midnight oil again. Receive a sms from my roomie saying that she is gonna move out tml instead of next week cos she will not be free next week onwards. Kinda sad when i received her sms. Cos monday i will be going back to an empty room liao. Not that i have not stayed alone before but at least i still got friends in the same hall last time. Think i'm gonna miss her presence. People keep asking me is it 'cos we dun get along well. No, we get along perfectly fine. It is not me that she wanna move away but other reason which i will leave her to tell. I will just see how. Maybe i will move back too. The room seems a bit creepy too. *frown* Saw the news on the chechen rebel. Saw ths scene where a mother was stroking the forehead of her dead child. She seems too tired and heartbroken to cry and it breaks my heart seeing this. I can never understand why would anyone wanna hurt someone. The children are so innocent! How could anyone build their dreams on other people's pain? No matter how good your reason may be, it does not give anyone the right to hurt others. I hate terrorists. I hate this world. It is so messy up. I prefer the animals. I'm still gonna fulfill my dreams. Live with the animals and buy my own island. May this day come soon.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Stupid NTU

Taking a breathe in the mist of doing my NIE assignment but most probably going to sleep after wrting this blog. I felt like i can't breathe with all these things to do. I really need a holiday!

My roommate told me just that she is moving out at the end of this month.. That means i will have to stay alone. If i'd known this will be the case earlier, i would have apply alone and will most probably be stay in the new halls near NIE. Well, not blaming her. Everyone has the choosing right. She chose to move out, like i chose to make her my roommate in the first place. Actually, i'm contemplating to move out too. Just realise yesterday that as a postgrad, i have to pay $80 more the undergrad. @#$%&*

How can they discriminate us like that?? Why do we have to pay so much more when we are staying in the same lousy room like the rest??? My NUS extend hall only costed me $220 a month and damn, it was much much much better. I used to think NUS is a money sucker, now i realised NTU is so much worse!!!

Maybe i should move out too cos you know my hall is pretty creepy. The thought of me staying alone in my room is pretty scary. Hey, not that i'm a scary cat but i do have some pretty strange experience in my room before... Better not think of that now. But then, to move out now is so troublesome. I've so many things to move (those who's been to my hall will know.. haha) and i stay pretty far away from NIE. Travelling alone will take about 3 hrs per day liao. So maybe i should stay.. Haiz.. I dunno lah, we will just see how..