Just like the million others who is living under the same sky, I'm just trying to find that significant one to write my own fairy tale stories...

Sunday, January 30, 2005

CNY is around the corner!

Everywhere i go, there is CNY mood in the air. CNY decorations, CNY songs. Everything seems so red. Everyone seems so happily shopping for themselves or their families. And it is so crowded everywhere! This is a period of time that i hate cos it is so crowded and yet i had to shop cos i haven't get a new dress for CNY yet! I hate to squeeze through the crowd especially weekend when it is super horrible! That is not to mention the queue.

ONe thing that i'm very excited about CNY is the food stuffs! I can already see the ba kwa in front of me. Haha.. But that also brings up my worries. I dun wanna get anymore fatter than i have now after CNY! I know ppl has been telling me i'm not fat but i still think i'm not slim enough. No, i dun think i'm thinking too much. I did get a little bit flabby after i came back from Australia! *sob sob* And i haven't lost an ounce for so long... I have decide to eat a bit less starting from tomorrow. If not i won't be able to wear pretty clothes during CNY!!

I think i have been playing too much. I have resolved to finish my chemistry lesson plan by this weekend and that leaves me with today only. Think i have better stop writing and starts on my work.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Just some thoughts...

Finally finished my microteaching today. Think i performed rather fine so i'm happy that it is over. Received some news from a friend of mine that her bf had broke up with her again. This time i hope it is for good. Not that i want to be bad but i really think she deserved to be with someone better. BGR is always complicated. I really dun wish to say who is wrong or who is right. Too tiring to be constantly involved in such matters.

A friend of mine told me yesterday that there are people who was saying that i'm interested in X. I just smiled and brush it away. After all, i had heard too much of such things. First, they say i'm with Y, then with Z and now X. But the funniest thing is, whoever i'm with or interested in is non of their concern! Why use me as an excuse? Why din anyone say anything when i'm talking to other girls? Why not say i'm lesbian because i talk a lot to girls too? If they are jealous that i get to talk to X, Y or Z, just come out and say it. You can talk to them too, just go up to them and talk and stop talking about me behind my back. People can be so mean but i have learn not to bother about them.

If you are wondering, i will still talk to X, Y and Z. Why should i give up on my friends just because some people wants to talk about it. Hmmm.. But i think i better keep some distance too,If they are jealous that i get to talk to X, Y or Z, just come out and say it. in case X, Y and Z misunderstood.

Btw, i think American Idol is getting from bad to worse, they really should stop making it

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Shall We Dance?

I want to dance again. So go ahead you tell me. What is so difficult about dancing again you asked. Well, it is different from the past. Dancing comes with a burden now. It is no longer simply a pleasure hobbit or sport that i used to take up (Yes, i used to be in the dance club a long long time ago.. What's so surprising). I'm afraid of judgement now. Afraid of people laughing at me cos i did not dance well or afraid that my feet have root to the ground and simply won't adjust to dance again. I missed the days where i dance away on stage in front of an audience. I missed those days where i trained 5 days a week for competition.

Actually, i missed the pretty dance costumes even more. When i was younger i used to dream that one day i would dance with my prince charming. I would be in a very pretty dress and we would dance away on the dance floor all evening. We would be the envy of everyone in the ballroom cos we are the prettiest couple in the room. As i grow older, this simple dream seems to be replaced by more complicated matters that are happening in my life. Eventually, i decided that it is just going to be a dream again. The only places that i can go and dance now is at clubs and pubs. Sometimes at home, i would secretly dance to the music i like but the feeling of dancing is never the same as before.

Yesterday when Gui Qing asked if i want to join her at her dance class, it just stirred up the urge to dance again. To just simply move away with the music and lost yourself in your own world. I was very tempted to join her but i think i should think twice again. Afterall, i tend to give up on things very easily now.

Maybe one day, i would find myself dance again...

What's up with tea?

A friend of mine was telling me all about the good things of drinking tea and he, himself has 8 different types of tea in his room. Amazing! I like tea but i'm not that particular about it. It was quite interesting though to have this tea chat with him. Learn a lot of new facts from him.

Was having dinner with Yeing Yeing, Gui Qing, Egwin and Daniel today. We are talking about a particular couple, which isn't exactly one. Just reinforced my thinking that BGR is too complicated. I prefer things that are more simple, like i always say.. Life is already too tiring, why make yourself more miserable?

I'm starting to take a lot of things less serious and this makes my headache go away. I'm just enjoying my life in NIE now and seriously, other things can wait. Well, well.. Someone asked me why he is always involved in scandals.. I can't answer that question cos i seem to be always involved too even when sometimes i really try hard to avoid. Guess i just have to accept it that scandals refused to leave me alone.

Btw, my blog is soooooo quiet! Jess, Yeing... Why aren't you guys posting anymore.. Or maybe no one is visiting this site anymore... Hmmm....

Sunday, January 16, 2005

My life

My life is pretty much in a mess now. My head is spinning as i'm typing this. It seems that all of a sudden, i'm getting a terrible headache. I always don't seem to have time for myself and i dun even know why. I'm trying to deal with my never ending assignments and irritating people who just won't leave me alone!

I'm serious when i said they won't leave me alone. Some people just can't take no for an answer. There is this stupid guy who has been pestering me lately. Msn me whenever he is online and when i dun reply it is floodville. He would continue to msn till i get irritate by him and reply. He won't take the answer that i am busy as reply. What an idiot! Even after i told him that he is not the right one, he still believes that he is and that one day he can change my mind with his subconscious. I think he is living in a world of his own which is fine with me as long as he STOPS bothering me. Frankly, i'm just trying not to hurt his feelings but seriously i can't be bothered now. Why should i be bother? If he irritates me again, i will give him a big piece of my mind.

There is a few things that i should do:

1. Improve on my microteaching
2. Complete my CPA assignments asap (Cos Raymond has completed one)
3. Tidy up my hall room (It is in a terrible mess now, my notes are everywhere!)
4. Go to bed now (I'm having a terrible headache...)

So i guess that is all until my headache gets better...

Thursday, January 13, 2005


I think i suck at my microteaching today. I was nervous and said a lot of wrong stuffs. Gosh! And Egwin was so good at it that he made me looked stupid.. I guess i have to prepare a lot more for the actual one. Luckily this is only practice if not i will never live it down.

I have made another plan to visit batam again before CNY cos we went to the wrong part of batam the last time round so we decided to give it one more chance and Yeing Yeing will be coming along too. It might be our last gathering before we are all sent to different parts of Singapore. Kinda sad. Afterall, we have build quite a friendship these few months.

Things are getting a bit strange this few weeks. First, i felt extremely tired everyday (especially on days where there are classes). Then, there is this stupid guy who keep pestering me online and he is so touchy! I hate people like them. Can't they understand what i meant by i'm not free. Acting as if i have to dedicate all my free time to him. I hope he dun irritate me to the point where i'd no choice but to scream at him.

Friday, January 07, 2005

My thoughts

I have been ignoring this space of mine on the web. I have so many things to write about.. From my Australia trip to the recent tsunami incident but still i din manage to even log in to write.

School have started and frankly i'm still trying to adjust to the 8.30am classes. And damn.. There are 3 of them. Know ishouldn't be complaining afterall, when the real teaching starts, i'd to wake up much earlier..

5 more weeks of school and it is end of student life for me again. Heh, i'm only starting to get use to it. Chinese New Year is in another month's time which also means that assignments are due in another too! Yucks.. The thought of it turns me off. Imagine having to do assignment during CNY (cos due date is on 14th Feb) =S

I dunno what else to write on here. I promised i will try harder the next time.