Just like the million others who is living under the same sky, I'm just trying to find that significant one to write my own fairy tale stories...

Monday, June 28, 2004


Ha! I finally managed to do something to my blog. Now it looked so much better.
Yes, i realised it is in pink. So, i like the colour pink. What? Too girlish?
Er, in case u haven't noticed, i'm a girl! Who cares if the world doesn't like it, i like and that's all that matters.

Today is the first day of school after a month break, i felt so restless!
I have absoutely no mood to scold the students at all.
In fact i kept smiling at them to the point they'd to ask me why am i so happy today!
I guess i was in a rather good mood today though moody.
Maybe cos i'm going back to study again or the fact that i'd just passed all my classes to other teachers.

But the reality of been removed from my seat(i'm now sitting at some dumpster, trust me!) is still making me abit mad.
But i think i can try to endure, cos i'll be there for another 14 more days!
But i do get some shocking news today.. Kelvin was transfered to Christ Church Sec Sch!
I know he's been wanting a transfer but i have not heard of him requesting for one.
Somehow, the atmosphere of the school is very different with all the new teachers and all my familiar faces gone..

Well, i could only hope NIE would be better. Till then, i'm counting down..
Jess, if you're reading this blog, get ur butt back to S'pore soon!
We miss you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

My Perfect Little Island

This world is so full of judgemental people.
This not allowed here and that not allowed there.
God.. What is allowed anywhere?
You are been judged if you don't have the same skin colour, you are been judge if you don't have the same beliefs..
Anything you do can be judged!

This is why i wanna be a billionare so that i can buy my own little island.
And there, i can build my perfect little world.
No judgements or anyone to post their vaules and views on you.
Sounds cool huh?
But alas!
I'm no billionare and that that remains as my very private little dream.
Maybe someday it will happens(I'm still crossing my fingers.

I'm a little out, i just finished another 2 seasons of Sex and the City.
That brings me to finish 4 seasons?
I know, i know.
America had already finished showing the finale season.
What the heck am i so slow?
I'll tell you why..
Cos i'm never really a person who is able to keep up with trend.

But as i watched, i couldn't help but wonder(Damn, now i sounds like Carrie)..
Is women that bad with their money?
There is some who spent all of it on shoes, clothes and makeup.
While there is some who saves everything.
Which is better?
To look like a gorgoreous 25 when u are actually 35 or to look like a pathetic 30 year old when u are really only 23?
Did i just lose you?
I'm sorry..
What i mean is should we or should not we spend the money to make ourselves look and feel good?

When i was much younger(yah, i know i'm not that old right now), i used to save every penny i'd.
Ok, i do spend but not like the way your average teen is spending.
So, in the end, i looked like a nerd for almost the whole of my studying life!
Well, the results?
I do have a slightly fatter bank account than some of my friends..
But i could help but ask myself..
Do it really matters now?
I really wish that i could go back and dressed up the past me when i'd the better skin and figure then.
So now, i'm trying to make up for my loss.
And guess what?
People around me are asking me to save..

So apparently when i was younger, i'm supposed to spend.
And now when i'm much older, i'm supposed to save up.
Well, maybe it is not so much about pampering myself but the fact that i'm sick of saving?
Hey, don't hate me..
I know i'm a real bimbo to spend so much space discussing about a stupid question.
Well, next time you see me, kill me.

P/S: If you are sharp enough, you'll realised that i'm trying to
change the way i'm posting my blog. Well, i guess i like to
try. IF only my life is this intersting...

Monday, June 21, 2004

What is the world thinking???

A big hey to all my fans out there.. Sorry, i have been one lazy author. I know i haven't been posting much.. Ok, ok.. I know i haven't been posting. But then i'm busy u see. With what? Well, erm, with this and that loh. Ok, i gave up. I'm not been busy, i'm just been plain lazy. God, it is school holidays now and i'm been lazy???

I caught a movie (Around the World in 80 Days) today with a bunch of friends. Well, not exactly friends, i only know two of them, the rest are their church friends. No offends to those christian ppl but what the heck?! They can practically link everything to their GOd. I mean, man, sometimes it is just so lame! And on our way back, there is this friends of mine who insulted buddhism. I was offended. I'm no buddhist but i dun think a religious person shld put down other religion to praise their own GOD. I mean if this what their GOD wants, then serious i question their GOD. Have the chirstian ppl been so much in a world of their own that they'd forgotten that there are other ppl around too?? I wonders.. One of their church friends questions my value when i told them i dun believe in GOD. She starts treating me like i'm alien, like it is so unmoral of me not to believe in their GOD. Well, u guys out there, if u really want a reason why i dun believe in ur GOD, it is cos of this! I dun need ppl like you to judge me just because i dun share the same belief.

Recently I have been questioning a lot of things. But i think that is only because i'm way too bored. Jess, when are u coming back! Seriously girl, u have not been updating ur blog too.. You know what i need now? I need a good liquor to shake up my system now. Sigh.. Jess while u are getting more fab, i'm getting more flab. I think i should go do what i always do, that is to drown myself in the world of unreality.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Back from Thailand!

Hello Singapore! I'm back!! But i'm so broke now.. Spend so much in Thailand.. But then it is a holiday so who cares.. The moment i'm back, i wish i'm not.. Cos the moment i'm back i'd to face all the problems all over again.. Sianz sia.. Then i have not receive a single phone call for interview yet.. Sometimes, i think my resume must be yucks! I mean i wish it was more impressive, like scholar of whatever shit compnay or president of this club or that club... Sad to say, i'm only at management level.. Din even get a fucking honours for my degree.. Arrgh.. Forget abt that... I dun need to bring my problems into the virtual world.

Thailand is fun.. U just can't imagine all the things u can buy.. Now i know why ppl says they shop till they drop cos i really drop. Heehee.. But that is not the most interesting part. The performance u watch there are even more interesting! Haha.. Was just wondering how jess will respond if she was there.. Jess, if u are reading this, tell u something. The boys are deinitely ur style!