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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Random Post

There are a few random thoughts that have been going through my mind recently.

Thought number 1:

I have just been very tired recently. I wonder if it is due to the wedding preparation, the overseeing of the renovation of the new house, the workplace or the fact that I have not taken a vacation this June. Or maybe I’m just getting older.

I think I need a break. I’m looking forward to the days of doing nothing and just slacking around.

Thought number 2:

Over a causal swim with YY the other day, she mentioned that one of the perk of this job is that we get to manage our time. I can’t help but wonder how many of us actually feel this way.

There are holiday and I enjoyed them of course. But sometimes, even the holidays are short-lived. Then there are holiday where you have to work, making you wonder if it even is a holiday.

I envy YY. Not that I feel that she is very free but I just wonder how she is able to go overseas even during the short one week break. In my work place, going away during the short break is a big ‘No No’. Is that the difference between teaching in JC and secondary school? Or maybe I just have very poor time management?

I’m so gonna travel when the days come. Or maybe I’m just happy enough to get out of the clutch of the boss who disagrees with traveling and making it sounds like a crime.

Blah. I’m complaining.

Thought number 3:

I have been very lucky in mahjong lately. And I mean really lucky. I have been winning almost every game that I played.

Maybe I should buy Toto and keep my finger crossed that I will win.

I’m daydreaming again…

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day!

A happy teacher's day to all my teacher friends.

I had a great teacher's day celebration.

I went totally crazy to put on my old school uniform and took a lot of crazy and stupid photo while i was in them. Till now i wonder where i find the courage to do it especially in front of my students. That action probably destroyed my stern image that i had in front of my kids but it was fun nonetheless. I'm still feeling a little high on the fun that i had yesterday. Something that i had not done or experienced in a long time. I feel kinda sad that this will probably be the last time that i will be celebrating teacher's day with the kids. I will miss them definitely.

Just read a post from a fellow colleague's blog. C mentioned in the post on how the amount of gifts received used to bother her, how it made her wonder if that made her less of a teacher as compared to the rest who received much more. I felt a little shameful to admit that i used to feel the same way too especially when i was a rookie teacher. Honestly, it sucks to be receiving less things than some others. It is worse when those some others seemed to be rubbing it in your face intentionally or unintentionally.

However, over the years, the uncertain feeling changed. I no longer placed emphasis on the amount of gift but who and what i received. I still keep almost all the stuffs that i had received except for the food stuffs of course. The presents reminded me of why i joined the profession but it also reminded me on why i had needed to leave. I really need a break from the crazy workload to find that passion again.

This year, my favourite gift is a card that came from a class of students. A class that the management had claimed that i was not a good enough teacher for them and that the class find me incompentent too. But in the card, on every single note were words of encouragement. All the little notes that hold the promise of them to try their best to score well for the examination is just heart-warming.

Whatever, the rest may say, i'm just glad that my kids find it otherwise.

All in all, it was a great Teacher's Day for me. The msgs from all the current and ex-students just made it better. Maybe somewhere in the future, after the break, i will be back again to celebrate another teacher's day.