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Monday, April 24, 2006

Communication is supposed to be two-way...

After so many years and so many incidents later, you would have thought that i had learnt my lesson. But sadly, i still make the same mistake.

When will i learn that i should not tell anyone about anything, even to my close friends or people whom i thought are my friends? When will i ever learn that even close friends can convey a certain conversation in the worse light, even if they did not mean it. When will i learn to stop telling people my frank opinions, know fully well that it may eventually be misinterpreted? So when will i learn?



There was a miscommunication on Friday. I thought YY had said that she would stop Salsa and take up another dance or continue her advanced Salsa at other studio, other than Calienta so i was puzzled why she had wanted to take up B1 at Calienta. Apparantly, i need to clean my ears, for i had misinterpreted things very differently.. What she meant was that if Calienta is not up to standard, then she would change studio... Now, what have been my ears doing? I kept hearing the wrong things! Brr...


Short week, lotsa work and courses. Sometimes i think teachers are wonder woman and superman. How do we manage to juggle so much stuffs is beyond me.. Then again, we teachers are supposed to be 'all-rounded'.. Hmmm...


Dance results were known last week. The results weren't fantastic but it is ok. Felt like i had paid $105 to be told about things i have already known. Hmmm...

Talking about dancing, i propose to have a Lindy outing on the Vesak Day (12th May) to do some lindy dancing. What do you guys think? Tag me or make a wish to tell me, k?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Good Friday

It is a good day. How can it be not?

Friday has always been my winding down day where i only have 2 periods of classes. My only duty on Friday is to go into this class and discipline them while the other teacher teaches (I do not teach this particular so i can only make sure they are settled).

However, early in the morning, he came to me and said that i'm not need in the class cos he is not bringing them to the lab. Hoo! I was freed from my only 2 periods of the day.

I thought there might be relief (which was usually the case since i got so little class on friday). But to my surprise, i was given none!

What a pleasant surprise! It is gonna be my free day in school. I am finally able to sit down and do my work which had been due for days..

This has been a course week for me. Every afternoon, i either have to attend meetings, remedials or go for courses.. Been a little frustrated cos i did not get to do work in school and my timetable is packed like hell from Mon to Thur..

In another 10 minutes, i'm gonna take over the CME lesson for my form class from Kirk. Need to talk about some discipline issues with them.. Sigh.. I really don't wish to scold people today and i'm eating my breakfast as i'm typing..Haha.

Programes for the rest of the day? CPA course at 2pm and new salsa class at new studio at 7pm.

Busy day but i can do with more of days like this.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Ok, so the june holidays is not coming soon but it is not far away neither.

Ray, you can look forward to the two weeks where we have labour day and vesak day. That sounds pretty good too. Yoohoo! Not to mention that it will be examination period, no preparation for lesson, only marking. Aren't that great??

On a different note,

I was supposed to catch this movie with YY.

But she deserted me! Wah....

Ok.. I'm being dramatic here. YY did not desert me, she is just busy. This gives me the opportunity to go catch this movie with another cutie. So yeah, i should thank you huh YY. Haha..

I know i'm so slow in watching this movie.. But what to do? I have wanted to wait for it to be freelisted so that i can watch it for free! Cheapo? I know but so?

Cause i'm soooo s....l....o...w in catching this movie, friends have been trying to give me reviews on this movie. Arrgh.. Let me enjoy it on my own ok?

Oops! There goes the bell. I had better hurry to finish up this pile of marking so that i can go 'catch' some students and send them to detention later..


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The day after..

It is a short week. Today marks the end of the teaching week.

We are having Sports Meets tomorrow! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my form class will be united.

Exciting times.. Teachers are discussing their strategies for tmr games and i'm in involved in the teacher's race. Kinda stress cos it seems like my department has been winning for the past 2 years and they are aiming for 3 straight years of championship. Let's just hope that my legs would not fail me tomorrow. Speaking of this, i need to get a red t-shirt. Yucks! Why red? I have got lotsa pink though.. Now i will need to buy a red t-shirt.

Wondering if i'm going back to lindy tmr or outing with my salsa friends? Hmmm...

Ok.. Time to go buy stuffs for my class for tmr.

Monday, April 10, 2006

April's fool

This post is soooooo late...

I'm supposed to post this after my dance exam but due to hiccups, it is delayed. Here it is.


It really is an unforgettable April Fool Day. I have been tricked many times throughout my life but what happens today really takes the cake.

The four of us have been practising diligently for the exam (ok, maybe not me but definitely the 3 of them!) and i was getting butterflies over it!

'Oh dear! I can't keep up with music!', 'Oh no! I have forgotten the steps!'

These thoughts kept running through I gathered all my courage and stepped out for my judgement. However, when the music starts playing, Kirk and i got a shocked. This is not the music we have been practising!

Shucks! I was sooo guilty for i thought i have remembered the wrong music. I felt so bad for doing this to Vic and YY.. It was only much later did i realised that it was the instructor that plays us out.


Now, i'm afraid to see what is been written on my results slip.. But luckily, the KBox did the trick. It was really nice to scream it out and catch a stupid movie. Now i feel better.


The past few weeks is C.R.A.Z.Y!

Finally, i'm down to one last paper to set for the MYE. I need a good, long rest to ease my dark eye circles..

Kirk is coming in to be my colleagues for 6 weeks! Nice to have a friend around.

Sorry YY, when i'm busy, even protector cannot make me eat! Oops.. I better not say so or Kirk might just monitor me every minute..

Staffroom is closing. Time to go home.