Just like the million others who is living under the same sky, I'm just trying to find that significant one to write my own fairy tale stories...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Credit cards

Okies, i'm not card crazy (like someone who has sooo.. many cards! Just kidding) and i only want that one credit card which i have been eyeing forever! Ha..

But I have been putting off to apply for it cos i'm so scared i would overspend with the card. But sometimes, i felt that it might be more inconvenient not to have one, like right now.

I'm so gonna fill up that form tomorrow..

Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday morning..

It's a dark monday morning...

I'm still trying to recover from the emotional breakdown i'd last Friday. Was kinda embarrassed that i'd cried in the staffroom but i guess enough was enough.

Do not wish to write down what'd happen cos it's too long a story and i do not wish to recount it neither. But i must thank some of my colleagues who took time off to listen to me and give me encouragement. A big thanks to YY too for listening to me when she'd enough troubles..


Time to battle the class again.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Clothes for the New Year!

This is why a lady should never be left stranded in a shopping centre from the rain...

I don’t have the habit of carrying an umbrella with me so i super hate rainy day. Today happen to be one of those days where it rains suddenly and i'm stuck at the shopping centre near my house. I figured that i might as well shop for my new year clothes since i cannot leave the building. Wrong choice.. I had wanted to buy 2-3 tops but i ended up buying 2 tops, 4 dresses and 2 bottoms.. This set my bank account back by a few hundreds..

Oh well, on the bright side.. At least i'd got my clothes for CNY and i'm happy. Make that very happy.

I'm suffering from deficient of sleeping. 3 hours are all i have everyday.. When will the workload lighten up a little? It is frustrating to hear a fellow partner for a project telling you that he cannot help sharing the work cos he is very busy. Yah, right! As if i'm damn free. I think i should stop being friendly and give him a piece of my mind tomorrow. Who cares about how he feels if he cannot think for me as well. Sick of ppl who behaves like that.

Ok, time for me to go back to my work..

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New Timetable

Just when i thought i can begin to love the school, something must happen to make hate it.

I was pretty happy with my timetable as all the classes are evenly spread and i do not have to rush from one place to another. I was thinking that maybe some good time has come. How wrong i was. Apparantly there is some changes in class between teachers so a new one was generated and as i feared, my new timetable is a big piece of shit. I won't mind so much abt changing the timetable, i just wish they won't keep doing the same thing to me. Why i always get such lousy timetable and even if i got a good one, i can't keep it!!!

Somehow, they always like to squeeze alot of lesson in one day so that i will have one or two 'relief' day. What is a relief day you ask me? It is a day where you have lotsa free period in between (which means my lesson would ends at 2.15pm) and i would be free to take relief class. Knowing from previous history, i won't be so fortunate to only get a relief class. I will probably get 2 a day.

Hate it, hate it, hate it. Does it necessary mean that new teacher = very free? I was telling KJ the other day that i'm not in any comm yet and yesterday i was thrown into 4 all of a sudden. How nice. My opinion doesn't count i suppose. I'm beginning to wonder why i have to do so much for a school who doesn't appreciate me.

I'm so gonna sit back and relax now.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Late morning rambling

I'd wanted to count the things i like about my school when i received complains about my form class. They are so gonna get it from me later.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rain, Salary and Salsa!

Don't you just hate rainy day?

First, it makes my staffroom behaves like a freezer where i'm literally freezing.. Brr... Second, it is just so difficult to get cabs in the morning when it is raining and i'm usually left with no choice these few days but to call a cab. Take the public trasport you say. Oh, but i don't like squeezing in a bus with bunch of students. I have the rest of the day to see them. I rather have the morning off.

But, as gloomy as the weather maybe, i'm still feeling rather happy. I think the classes i have this year are excellent so far and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will not change. Students whom i had taught last year mentioned that i'm more fierce and strict this year. Not to mention that today is PAY DAY! Haha.. I'm not hard up on the money (surprisingly). Usually, i'm rather broke by the end of the month. Need to save more.. YY, we must encourage each other to save more and shop less.. Haha..

I hope i'm ready for salsa lesson tonight since it stopped for a week. How am i gonna take the test??? Stress..

Oops.. There goes the bell.. Must get ready for class liao.

Later. Tata!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Go away!

I wish some of these people would go away and let me do my work.

Honestly, i felt that they have too much free time on their hand that they have the time to go around telling people what to do.

I have been working non-stop since school has reopened and i have nothing to complain about the workload. I volunteer for some of the duties and the rest are rightfully mine. But i wish that there will be less of some people who think that they know better and tell me what to do. If i'm sitting in the staffroom, it is not because i'm too free and that i'm slacking around. I'm doing work even when i'm sitting in front of my desk. Why do people always like to think that they are more busy than the rest and like to comment that some of us are more free?

This is rubbish. If you have the time in the first place to sit down and comment that others are very free and sitting around in the staffroom, then you are the slackest! Some of us didn't say anything not because we are free but that we are too busy to even have time to make stupid comments like this.

I hate it when people act as though they know better. If you think that you know better and you can do a better job, you are 100% welcome to do it for me. What is wrong with them?? I'm not doing most of these things because it is my duties but i'm trying to make life more convenient for others! Why are you trying to make my life more miserable?? If you think that i'm not doing a good job, go ahead and take it. I'm volunteering myself, so don't take me for granted.

I just wish these people would back off, mind their own business (if you are really too free, make yourself useful please) and let me do my work. Please?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Yes, it's FREE!

There will be 2 short seminars on options, shares and investment in the venue and date mentioned.

One of my friends is into Options and i must say: this thing are really low risk and high profit when done correctly. Do go for the seminar, if you are interested to double your investment profit. Recommend for people who got too much time at home too :P

It is a rainy day

Actually, it has been many rainy days. Since the rain is still going on heavily and i'm stuck in school, i'm finally able to find time to blog a little.

The first week has been crazy.. This is like the first in many days where i can finally take a breather. Met almost all my classes and they seemed quite nice. Hopefully they remain as they are now throughout the year. I'm keeping my finger cross.

Was a bit angry with some people the last few days. Is it that easy for people to take me for granted??? I hate being invisible, especially when i'm not!

I need my dinner. Think i should go home now.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006

Before i write anything...


I hope everyone of you had have a good countdown.. For the past few years, i have been spending new year eve with a few good friends from my Uni but as we did not make plans earlier this year.. I was left out.. Wah.. Sobz.. They called me when i was about to go to bed and asked if i wanna join them at a friend's house.. But alas, once again i'm too lazy to move my butt once i'm comfortablely settled in my bed.

While everyone is spending the holiday outside celebrating, i had spent these 2 days reading my half-blood prince. I'd wanted to finish the book before 2006 (which is a stupid thought) and it has been too long that i had left the book dusting away in my room. I'm one of those stupid people who bought the book when it first came out and then leave it alone somewhere in my house.

Everything aside, since it is a new year so must make some resolutions right? Right? Although i personally felt that few would be accomplish as the year goes.. Haha..
  1. I need to improve on my time management! Alway too much things to do and too little time. Maybe my frustration will die away if i can learn to manage my time better.
  2. Classroom management. After been teaching for half a year in my current school, i felt that this is of utmost importance. Without it, i could spend as much as i like and be able to carry out none! I have got quite a number if low sec classes.. They shouldn't be too much of a problem i think or hoped.
  3. I need to save up more for my future! It is plain stupid to keep wondering why people of the same salary scale can do so much with their money while wondering what had happened to mine.

There are a few other things that i was planning to achieve in 2005 but never came about.. I must get my driving license! It is driving me crazy not been able to drive.

Will someone please smack me in the head if i tell you next time that i will take my driving classes later?