Just like the million others who is living under the same sky, I'm just trying to find that significant one to write my own fairy tale stories...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm looking for a good driving instructor.

Does anyone know of such person to intro to me?? Pls?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A new term

I can't believe that the holidays are over.

Frankly, i'm pretty nervous about tomorrow. Another new term, another new start. I hope it is a good one.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Day Before Tomorrow

Actually, it is today. But i can't find a suitable title so whatever..

It is freaking close to 3am and i'm still awake and blogging. Gosh! I'm meeting D at the airport at 7.45am, so that mean i will have to wake up at 5.30am (yes, i know i take a long time to get ready). That leaves me a grand total of 2.5 hours to sleep. I'm so gonna be a panda tomorrow morning. The funny thing is D is also awake and online right now and we are actually chatting over the msn. Ha! Maybe we are afraid that the next four days would not be a sufficient for us to face each other.

There are always two parts of the journey that i hate. The first part is when i have to pack my lugguage and the second is to unpack it. Honestly, i seriously hate packing luggauge because i simply can't decide what i want to bring! I would stand in front of my wardrobe and stare at it for the longest time to decide which garments i'm bringing and most of the time i kept wondering if it would be better if i pack the other piece of garment instead (Yes, i know i'm one of those typical girls who wants to pack everything.. What to do? That's me and i cannot change). Usually, i would drag and drag ( i could pack for days!) until the last minute and it could last into night. By then i would be so frustrated that i wonder why i even bother to go travelling. But when the morning comes and i'm at the airport, the negative feeling would pass and i would be glad that i have survived yet another panic attack of the lugguage packing. So i'm expecting that i would feel better tomorrow since i have only JUST finished packing... That is until i have to unpack them.


I think i should go to sleep now. If not, i won't look like a fairy tale princess anymore. I guess i will be continue after i'd came back.

Be prepared for lot of photo!

P/S: That is if the camera works..

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Now that the flight and hotel had been settled, it seems like i'm going to Bali after all. Coincidentally, GH and a few are heading there as well. We will be on the same flight as well! Ha! It sure is gonna be a merry journey afterall though we are staying in different hotels. Looks like it was a right decision to go to Bali, all thanks to some from H.

All i need to do now is to do some shopping before my trip. Time to spend some money!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Destination ??

Isn't it strange that you will only know how much a thing or a person means to you when you can't have them. I guess it is probably because one expect the other to be always there, which is not the reality. The complete deprivation of communication is driving me crazy!

That aside..

The second week of my holiday spells complete boredom! I'm only required to go back to school for 2 days for duties and i pretty much got the rest of the week off. Without any friends to go out or anyone to call (they are all out of town for goddness!), i can only stay at home and stuffed myself with.. dang dang dang! Korean drama. To be frankly, i had only watched one korean series (and that is the famous winter sonata) cos i thought they are pretty boring shows that are draggy. Since i have nothing much to do and the shops are having offers, i bought a set of show titled "Full House". To the least of my expectation, it turns out to be pretty good. With a funny storyline and beautiful people, it easily kept me entertained for 16 full hours.

When the show ends, it is back to facing the four walls again.

I guess troubles never end. When i don't have a travelling partner, i trouble on finding one. Now that i have one, we are trouble over where to go? So where shall we head to?

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Louis Vuitton

Some people say that the bag that you carry defines you. So in theory, the more expensive the bag that you carried, the more 'sophisticated ' you are.


Some like to think that because they carried a LV bag, it makes them above the rest of the normal people, namely me. Honey, i may not be able to afford a LV bag now but that doesn't mean i won't be able to carry one in the future. After all, i'm close to 10 years younger than you. I have LOTS of time to earn the moolahs. *smile*

Ok, i know i sound evil. At least i admit it. I have flaws. Lotsa flaws. But who doesn't? I'm not proud of some of the things that i do or say and i admit it. What turns me off is the certain breed of people who point and gossip behind people's back without realising that they are as bad as me. Blah! "Oh, she has such a temper, i wonder how she's gonna find a guy who can stand her" or "Do you know she is with so and so.."


I admit that i'm a magnet for stupid gossips like this. I get them all the time, even when i have stepped into school as teacher. People can't seem to stop themselves from pairing me up with others. I'm a friendly person. I mixed with people from both genders and honestly i cannot help or be bother if some people choose to see what they wanna see.

Ok i disgress. What did i want to blog about? Oh yes, LV bags. Days ago, i saw a friend (or i think is a friend) with a beautiful LV bag. I have a weakness for LV bags, namely because they are expensive. Yeah, i'm materalistic but i ain't getting man buying for me, so stay out of my fetish. I causally told her that it is a nice bag which it is. Most normal people would laugh and thank you for the compliments. But not her.

"Of course it is nice! It is a LV bag for god sake. Do you know how much i have spend on it?"

I started to frown, but i didn't say a word (I'm trying to manage my anger problem or so as some put it). I forced a smile and just proceed to move further away from her. I was worried i might start pulling the b****'s hair. And there she was going on and on, as though a young girl like me do not know anything about LV.

So much for having such an expensive bag when she didn't show the correct behaviour to go with it. One would think that as a person who had been in the society for such a long time, she would know the proper etiquettes. Especially when she is in the business that requires her to PR.

My dear, i have a good friend who have truckload of LV that she can keep changing every single day. But never did she try to show it off to me, with such a attitude. Now, that is a woman who truely deserved the title of a LV bag.

I made a promise to myself that when one day i could afford the bag, i would be the person who deserved it too. At least, i will try.

What can i say? Well, i'm evil.

Monday, June 05, 2006

A Truely Embarrassing Moment

It was indeed. I fell off the stage in front of all my dance girls. Can you imagine my embarrassment?

I wasn't paying attention cos i was busying checking out my girls on how to improve their dance steps. Forgetting that i was at the edge of the stage, i tried to sit down. Bad move! Instead of the hard ground that i was expecting, i found myself falling off the edge. My girls were shocked. They rushed to me immediately, checking if i was ok and helping me to brush off the dirt. I must say though the fall hurts and it badly bruised my ego, i was still console to find that not even one of them laughed at me. They are more worried that their clumpsy teacher-in-charge may be hurt. Now, i think the future of our nation do have some hopes.

My girls did mention that it was very me though cos i seemed to be very accident-prone, which is kinda true. I still remember this incident where i was all serious in a relief class, telling them not to make noise. The next moment when i tried to sit on the table edge, the table nearly toppled. Expectedly, the students burst into laughters. They claimed that i'm very funny, especially when i'm looking so serious. -_-''

Maybe i do have the talent to make people laugh, though it is at my expense.

p/s: I just read about the angelic operation carried out by a dear friend. With dear friends like this and students who don't laugh at me even when i'm doing the stupidest thing, life is indeed good for me. What's there to complain? I can only say work ain't everything =)

Can you give me some tea please?

Discovery channel was showing this documentary on chinese tea and how the secret of planting chinese tea eventually got to the west.

The narrator was saying that China cut off the trades for chinese tea with the west, thus resulting the then England launched the Opium war with China, hoping to gain access to the Chinese tea again.

What rubbish.. It is like arguing that the Japanese attacked Singapore because they are hungry and needed our rice.

I would really love to meet the script writer and asked him or her what she was thinking when she wrote this line...

Now, if you will excuse me, i'm going to have some chinese tea..


The first week of the holidays was rather pleasant.

I tried to stay away from school when i don't have any duties that requries me to go back. I tried to not read my emails netither. I wanted to have a stress-free week without thinking about school so that i can really settle my thoughts.

KJ asked me out on thurs (a much needed date! haha) and kept me entertained for hours! Thanks man! =)

I really need to get out more. KTV anyone?

Too bad i couldn't meet up with YY and the rest for dinner before she left for Laos. Sorry girl! Needed to accompany a friend who is leaving for the states. Have a safe trip!

My mom told me that the place where i usually for my massage and SPA is closing soon so i will need to finish any package that i have with them. Sobz.. Anyone know of a good place for SPA?