Just like the million others who is living under the same sky, I'm just trying to find that significant one to write my own fairy tale stories...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's back to school for me. No more sourcing for non-existence instructors!

Sometimes i can't help but think that if there really is someone up there, he must be really testing my patience.

I have been procrasinating about taking my license for the longest time. So when i finally gathered up my motivation to take it, i had to face a lot of obstacles.

Ppl have being telling me that it is cheaper to take a private instructor and blah blah of all the advantages. But damn it. I'd only gotten like one contact so far and that instructor teaches in Ubi! I feel embarrassed to keep asking my friends if they had found their contacts, only to hear from them that they have forgotten all about it. I know i sound desperate. That is because i'm! My PDL only last for 6 months and my advance theory for 2 years. I'm seeing time ticking away. I'm just kinda sick of hearing ppl telling me how good their private instructor is and then turned away, leaving me to source for one. I mean what's the point of telling me your instructor is good, only to leave me dangling with hope but never to get the contact?

But, i dun really blame them. Dun all of us fall into this category? We promised to do something, like finding a contact or sourcing some stuffs for friends, only to keep forgetting about it. I do that myself. But it sure is damn irritating when it happens to you. So i can imagine there are a few ppl who are irritated with me out there.

I sounded more frustrated than i wanted to. Sometimes i do not realised that i had sounded more harsh than i mean. I must be a bad person. Maybe that is why i simply can't seem to manage some of the classes and everyone is trying to tell me how to do it.

I'm tired. I dun wish to start thinking issues about me being a lousy teacher.

I'm going to sleep.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Before monday blue, there is sunday

A colleague told me last week that nowadays when it comes to Monday, the monday blue really hits him.

I guess it hits all of us. Especially when you have to face the difficult classes. Sigh.. Sometimes i really wish i have the best class. Then i won't need to be so strain about problem students nor to face parents who are unreasonable beyond reason! Everyone is treating teachers like their maids or slaves. Do this, do that. Why my child is like this? How the hell would i know?? Why not look at your own parent skills. Maybe you suck at being a parent? It's rubbish.

Let's talk about something happy.

YY mentioned that she had a $10 voucher for Amore. I have decided to sign up the membership to force myself to get the exercise i need. It should be fun, going to classes with YY and CW.

I can't wait to get myself into shape. Hopefully.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Miss "I can't see nor hear you"

Just call me Miss Invisible. Sometimes, i really do wonder and wish to take a sample of my cells and do a checkup to see if i am make of transparent materials.

The following situation always happen.

"C and a group of friends were at (insert your own venue) for (insert your own function. Everything started out fine, people were laughing and talking. Most of the time, people tend to forget about C (she's invisible remember?) and start their own talk. C, feeling left out, tried to get into the conversation. However, the group of people that she is with, simply just continue to chat, totally ignoring the fact that C is trying to say something. Sometimes, they won't even let her finish or simply act as if she had never spoken nor sitting at the same table."

And people keep asking me why i don't go for outing. Do they really dun know why i do not want to go? Why go to a gathering to be ignored? At times, i know that they do not mean it and i was just dishing out too many cold jokes. However, at times i knew people ignored me on purpose, talking in a circle, outcasting me and whoever is not popular or good enough for the group. It is so high school. The funny thing is, sometimes i get lectured by these people on my behaviour because i am 'ahem' not sensitive enough to other people's feeling. And these people are supposed to be friends or pretend to be so that i can be a topic for their next bitching session.

Maybe people do not realised it, but hey! That hurts and it is humilating.

I think i should go and find other 'losers' like me and form a group of ms and mr invisible. This way, no one will ever not be seen again.

Anyone want to register?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Mean girls!

It looked so 'Mean Girls'. If you had caught the movie, you would know what i mean. Recently, a particular trainee has been the topic among many female teachers. I think she is still too young to have not learn not to mess with the female species.

The unfriendly glare, checking out the other females on what they wear and secretly deciding if the rest are prettier than her is a wrong move. To make it worse, she shouldn't have ignore the rest when she was smiled at but to turn her back and gives the sweetest smile to the other gender. Everyone enjoys attention. I think she just needs to learn how to enjoy it in discreet.

What can i say? Women are bitchy and be very careful when crossing our path. You do not want to get into the wrong boot of a lady, not to mention a bunch of us.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Better service for a higher price? I do not think so...

For the past week, i have been doing my own silent protest against the increment of the cab fare by taking the public transport to school.

Big deal, you say.

But it is indeed hard work for me. Those who had known me well enough will know that i had never took the public transport to school (except for the first day of my teaching career and i was late despite me leaving the house an hour early). I'd always reasoned that if you get tired beating the students on the queue for the bus (and i'd been asked to give way to students to go onto the bus first even though they are out of the queue! Duhz.. Since when being a student means you have the priority??), the rest of the teaching day will be hell.

But as i do my calculation, my humble fare of $5 per trip to school will increase by a staggering $3, bringing it to about $8 per trip. Now, i really do not have that deep a pocket to afford such a increment. Speaking about it, i am quite puzzled about the increment.

I can understand that if the company mentioned that they need to increase the fare because of the increment of the petrol. But, to bring the peak hour from 7.30am to 7.00am?? That is truely strange. Even more bazzare would be the 100% increment of the peak hour rate from $1 to $2. As hard as i crack my brains, i couldn't find a reason to justify for this increment. Do you mean that the taxi would use more petrol in this hour?

Now, now. The more i see it, the more i feel that it is more likely to be an increment to justify for the increase profit that the company would soon obtain. The taxi uncles are already quite 'yaya' (not all though, they are some really nice ones). With the increment, i can already see their smug faces when i stepped into their cab. I do have really really, horrible experience!

So, i shall keep the money in my pocket and continued to take public transport until the day i could afford to buy my very own car.

So long to unfriendly taxi uncles who really showed me what is bad service. You do not deserve the fat profit that is going to be enforce soon.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

No more late nights for me...

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh........... I can't believe it. The Germans have been silenced!

I was just thinking that if the game went into penalty shootout, Germany has a very good chance of winning.. But damn it, they have to go and score 2 goals at the last minutes of the extra time. 2 goals within few minutes when they have scored none in the past 2 hours! I hate them, i hate them!

I'm just going to curse them whoever their opponent is for the final, they are not going to take the CUP home. Childish i know. But hey! If the English can go as far as to threaten to kill Ronaldo, then nothing is too childish when it comes to the game i guess. After all, how many 4 years do you have?

Oh well, at least now i can spare the hassle of staying up late for the game and not missing out on my sleep.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Germany will take the cup!

What cup you ask.... Of course, i meant the Fifa World Cup!

My school was having a course for all teachers on the new IT portal and server. It was a pretty boring course and everyone was pretty much asleep. But, when the instructor asked us to log onto the live chat, the room became alive. Everyone was talking about the World Cup! Heh..

But you dun like football, some asked.

I do not like to play the game but i do like to watch it, though i know nuts about the rules of the game.

World Cup is an exciting event. First, it only happens once in 4 years. Second, you get to see lot of hunks from all over the world. Isn't that great?

I do not have a particular team or country that i favour. However, if i feel that this team is gonna be the champion from the beginning, i can be pretty crazy about it.

For the past few years, i had supported Brazil. I was so mad that Brazil lost to France in 1998 that i kick my coffee table and ended limping for the next two weeks. That particular match had resulted me to eat 5 instant cup noodle in a row. Why you asked? That because, as a student then, we couldn't afford to play with money so we came up with this rule that we will use the instant noodles in place of money. To make things more exciting, we will eat all the amount of cup noodles that we bet. Bleach.. Pretty cruel if you asked me but then again, it was pretty fun.

This year, i have the hunch that Germany is gonna win. So my support is with them.

Now, excuse me while i go catch a wink so that i could wake up later to watch the match between Germany and Italy.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Where is the forth person when you really need him??

Any form of sports is supposed to be fun, even if it means sitting in front of the desk for hours. But when the element of unwillingness is added in, thing changes.

I love to play mahjong. This is no secret to my bunch of NIE friends. It is pretty sad that when when the official teaching had started, the time to play had decreased dramatically. All of us are pretty worn out by the school work and i believed that all of us had work pretty hard.

There are a few who is unhappy that i have been pulling out last minute of the game. All i can say is that i'm sorry. But sometimes, school work is more important and sometimes, my health is more important. If i feel like i cannot sit through the night playing the game, i rather not take the risk of dying in front of the table.

At other times, where the forth person is missing.. Well, that i really cannot help. I had tried asking around but hey, it is the World Cup period. Most people are either busying watching the match or keeping up with their sleep. It doesn't really help when the person who really wants to play refuses to go to other people's house and insisted that the game be played at his house. Yes, you may feel that it is pretty far for you to travel but what about us? I have been travelling to your place didn't i? A few mrt stations may not sounds far to some but when you take into factors like, i'm a girl and i have to travel late at night, it does sound pretty discouraging.

I'm not trying to pick up a fight. All i'm saying is that if there is a forth person, i really do not mind taking the cab to your place. But if i had to spend $20 to and forth for a 3-person game, it really doesn't interest me. Think about it on my side. Would you spend 20 bucks to go somewhere far from your house to play a game that you are not really interested in? I can't help it when your forth person doesn't want to play and my friend dun feel like driving to your house. Having a car doesn't mean a person has to travel, right?

If you are still angry with me for not going and feels that i had lose my credibility, i have nothing to say. I guess it is only fair. If you decide not to call me out for game, i can only blame myself.

All i'm saying is the part of my story. One can read it or one can choose to ignore it. It is all about choice.