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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wonderful Thailand (Part II)

I must defend for myself.. I didn't update the part 2 because i'm very busy with school work and my laptop sucks.. The lagging is horrible and.. and..

Ok, ok! I admit. I'm just plain lazy. So lazy that i cannot be bothered to switch on my comp and write this much due entry..

Btw YY, you have bothered me enough so here it goes.. Haha.. Just kidding.

Day 4 (4th Dec)

Usually on a Sunday, i would stay in bed till late noon.. Hey! You must understand that i wake up early almost everyday for the week! This Sunday, however, i was not offer the luxury of staying late in bed. We have to leave for Ayuttaya real early.

I can swear that the 5 of us were half-asleep when we were having our breakfast (which is getting pretty boring.. Imagine the same food for 4 days straight!). Anyway, we were supposed to meet our drive at 8am (we booked a taxi for our journey today!), but the taxi driver was kept waiting for half an hour cos our dear boys decided to go back to their room and changed into some other attires. Makes me wonder who is wearing the pants on this trip.. Most of the time, it is us girls waiting for them.. Hmmm..

Elephants remind me of YY... Wonder why.. Hmm..

There are actually a lot more other photos but since blogger is taking forever to load up my photo, i shall post up the rest other days.

Anyway, we end our trip rather early and reached Bangkok around 4pm, where we went down to Chatuchak again to continue our shopping. Unfortunately, we girls were lost our way and we spent the 2 hours trying to get out of the large market...

At night, we went to the red light district of BBK, Patpong! We had some pretty interesting experience which i shall not mention it here for it is embarrassing for some of us. Haha..

Day 5 (5th Dec)

Since we are not on any schedule to go anywhere today, we took our time to wake up late and had a late breakfast. After breakfast, i took the gang to Khao San for more shopping! An advise to those like to go to Suan Lum night bazaar to shop.. Don't! The things there are so so expensive. You can get similar things here at Khao San.

Since the things here are relatively cheaper, we once again burn another big hole in our pocket.. The guys went around to look tailors to get some shirts tailored! And they managed to find one which cost around $23 for 1 shirt. Pretty good deal if you asked me.

We had our lunch (dinner?) at this really nice place which plays great music! Kinda like our holland V except that the atmosphere is much better and the prices are so damn cheap!

When night falls, we changed into our party gear and proceed to bar on the 61st floor of Banyan Tree Hotel which YY recommended. The view is fantastic! Sad to say that it didn't last long for it starts to rain shortly after we had ordered our drinks. I would love to post up some pictures that i took there but the pictures all turned out to be pretty bad so.. I guess too bad then. Anyway, since it was raining, we get a chance to sit in their indoor bar as well. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise.

Day 6 (6th Dec)

Day 6 marks the second last day of our trip in Bangkok. I'm missing the place already! In the morning, we took a trip down to Jim Thomson house for some arty farty stuffs.

Then it is more shopping at the WTC! We helped Daniel N to pick out some bags for his mom. In the late afternoon, we caught the movie "Aeon Flux" at the local threatre. 4 bucks for a movie, it is way cheap. The Thais has a strange culture. You have to stand up and pay respect to the king for a few minutes before the show begins. Pretty interesting experience. Imagine us standing up to pay respect to our government befoer every movie!

After the movie, the boys went back to Khao San to get their tailored shirts while we girls hang around the MBK shopping mall. Eventually we got so bored that we decided to catch another movie "Chicken Little". This time round, the price is even cheaper, only 80 bahts! It seemed like the movie ticket price gets cheaper with the later shows. Hmmm... The boys managed to come back in time to join us for the movies. The poor boys had wasted a trip as their shirts were not ready yet! So they had to make another round to Khao san tmr, which is like our last day here. The girls were pretty worried that they might not be able to get their shirts!

Day 7 (7th Dec)

This is our very last day at this wonderful place... Sobz..

Our flight only leaves at 7pm local time so we pretty much still have half a day to play around. The boys went back to Khao san to get their shirts while we girls shopped around. Wrong choice! In the end, we changed more Sing dollars to Thai bahts for more shopping.. *shake head* We have such low resistance.. Sigh..

I did my manicure and pedicure for only $8! But the quality is not very good though..

Ok, i know i'm writing lesser and lesser but i'm really tired and frankly i dun really remember the details anymore.

Anyway, it should be that we got onto our airplane and fly home with our *grasp* big luggage.

Ok.. There! I have done it. The story of my Thailand trip.. Now i can write about other things liao. Heh..

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wonderful Thailand (Part I)

***Honestly, if YY did not ask me for my update in Thailand, i probably would take forever to write it.***

Before i set off, people keep telling me that i must be mad to book a 7-days trip just for Bangkok But it turns out that 7 days ain't enough for us!

Day 1 (1st Dec)

Our flight was at 12.45pm but the five of us decided to meet 2 hours earlier in case one of us is late. Luckily we did cos Daniel N was late.. To think he lives so near the airport -_-''

This is my virgin flight on a budget airline.. Kinda worried cos i'd heard about a lot of scary things from friends who took budget airlines.. Turns out that i'm thinking too much.. It's not bad except for the bad landing which makes our heart skip a beat. (I had wanted to post our group photo at the airport but it turns out that i looked way too fat in that photo so no photo here.)

The best part of the flight? I get to spend 3 hours on the plane with cutey Daniel N! Are you jealous of me yy?

After a few hours and a few turbulences, we finally arrive in Bangkok!

Twin Tower Hotel!

We checked into our hotel and went to MBK for our dinner. We wanted to try out some authentic Thai food and thus went into this place.

Big mistake! The food was too unique for our taste buds that we didn't eat much and have to buy donuts to fill our stomach. After dinner, it is time for some exercise, for my wallet that is. We went to shop around in MBK itself where i bought a reasonable amount of tops. We were too tired out by the shopping that we decided to call it a day and go back to our hotel to rest. Maybe it is my nose or maybe the air in BBK is really too polluted that i had a terrible flu. Sneezed non-stop for the whole day and even in my sleep.

Day 2 (2nd Dec)

The free and easy package that we took from the tour agency includes a half-day tour around the city, which is great for us as we wanted some sight-seeing. The only bad thing is that the tour starts at 8am, which means we have to get up real early. Still having the terrible flu and there is nothing i can do to stop it.

We were slightly irritated when the bus arrived at 8.3o am instead. We could have half an hour more of sleep!

We took the ferry to visit the Temple of Dawn.

Shortly after this picture was taken, i fell down the steps. Fortunately, Daniel N caught me before i can fell on my face. So technically, i have only only sprained my ankle and got a few cuts on my left feet. Speaking of accidents, i realised that i'm always falling down whenever i'm on a holiday! I had a bad fall on the stairs during my June China trip, i fell down the stairs when i was about to take the ferry during the recent Thailand trip and i fell down the stairs in the cinema when i was in Genting few days ago! Am i that clumpsy or am i cursed??? Ok, i digress. It is really terrible to fall on the 2nd day of the trip cos i was limping for the rest of the day and till now the wounds on my feet still hurt!

Apart from this small incident, the trip was rather pleasant.

Haha.. I made the boys posed for my camera.

Our last stop was at the Erawan Shrine, where Daniel and i offered some joss sticks.

Finally, it is lunch time! We had to walk through a long stretch of road that is under construction from the WTC till the Siam Square. We had wanted to source for some great food but we eventually gave in to our stomach and went into Zen at the Siam square.

Look at the amount of food that we have order!!

It was already 5 plus after we have our lunch (or dinner?) and we walked all the way back to our hotel to get some rest before we leave for our 'Ah Kua' show. Once again the bus is late. This time, it is 40 mins late!!!!!

The 'girls' are gorgeous! They not only have a pretty face but also a great body. Daniel N asked us girl if we feel inadequate after seeing them. No, Daniel. Because every part of us are natural! hahaha.

More shopping at the Suan Lum night bazaar.

Daniel N offered me some medicine which i gladly took it and went to bed.

Day Three (3rd Dec)

Day 3 is shopping day! My horrible flu is finally getting better and i'm in the mood for some shopping. We wanted to be more adventureous today and decided to talk their sky train.

On our way to the train station, we saw a large bunch of students on their way to school on a Sat morning.

Daniel C commented that i looked like i was shooting a comercial picture for the sky train in this picture.

We are 5 crazy Singaporeans on the train...

Chaktucha, here we come!

It is an understatement to say that i have spend a lot of money shopping here. I did bought lot of bags and shoes..

Of course, earrings as well.

We had wanted to go to Patpong for some more action but am really too tired out. Not to mention that we are supposed to get up real early tomorrow for our Ayattaya trip. In the end, we dozed off before any of us knew it.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Bangkok is fun but i miss Singapore..

It is one day late but i'm back in Singapore after spending 7 long days in Bangkok. It was fun but tiring, not to mention that i'm really broke now. At least i'm a happy girl now and that is all that matters.

Was really tempted to skip my Salsa lesson yesterday cos all i wanna do is to sleep Zzz.. The steps are getting tougher by the lesson. And yes YY, i'm tempted to take the salsa exams too.. Haha.. We can all embarrassed ourselves together. It seems like someone is on a closer term with Vic, ho ho ho.. Just kidding.

*Yawn* Still feeling super tired. Think i should go and catch up more on my sleep. Shall upload the pictures some other days..