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Monday, August 24, 2009

And the conversation goes like this...

I have a very colourful conversation this morning with my colleagues and it goes like this...

Colleague A: Hey B! I tried calling you for the whole of yesterday but you never pick up at all!

Colleague B: I tired not to. Afterall, Sunday is reserved for my family.

Colleague A (sacastically): I see. Somebody doesn't work on weekend, i will try to remember that.

Colleague B: In that case, don't call me from xxx time from friday onwards.

At this moment, i tried to kaypo a bit and chipped in.

Me: Aiyah, it is not a crime to not want to work on weekend, especially Sunday.

Colleague A: Well, it is for the good of the students, that is why i work on Sunday you know. I believe, it is worth it if it is for students. Plus this is my style, so if i wanna work on Sunday, then you will have to lor.

I got rather pissed off after this statement(although i admit that i'm asking for it) as i feel that she is subtly hinting that i'm not doing things for the good of my students. Plus i hate the whole "I say i want so you must listen" attitude. Plus if it is really for the good of the students, should it be done earlier rather than last minute?

Me: Wah, i didn't know you just got promoted to a rank where you can command people liao. Well, i also got my own style and that is not to pick up calls on weekend. So too bad lor i guess.

At this moment, another colleague quickly change the topic to defuse the tension building up and i start to wonder why did i even get into this conversation.

Although it does not concern me but i'm quick sick of the whole "I want and so i must get" attitude.

Why has the culture in the workplace change to such an extend that fully functional adults actually behaved like brats? Since when is it ok not to show respect to people just because they are lower in rank?

Just because Hilter is doing it does not mean it is right!

Have we all become so blind that we have failed to see and do the right thing?

If succeeding in this workplace is to be that kind of people who failed to show respect, i would rather leave. I honestly think someone needs to slap these people to wake them up.

Monday, August 03, 2009

New Insights

An unexpected conversation with a colleague shared over a busy schedule brought about new insights.

We shared about the woes faced at work, our personal life and the seemingly unknown future. I causally mentioned that a lot of people had changed upon given important task and I do not mean that they have change in a pleasant manner. Colleague L mentioned that it is not easy being at the management level especially in our workplace. L said that it is either you changed to suit Hilter or be prepared to have a re-education by Hilter. L also mentioned how the heads had chosen to keep quiet instead of speaking up for their subordinates as speaking also brought a series of bombarding from Hilter.

I feel a little upset to hear this statement. I meant I had expected that no head would dare to speak up for you once you’re in Hilter’s bad books. But it is still disheartening to hear that nonetheless. It is like you have been sentenced once Hilter disliked you and no matter what you do, it is just pointless.

We also spoke about how a few of the colleagues had planned to either to transfer our or to leave the service totally. I guess in a way, we all feel helpless to the situation that we are in, for we know we are too powerless to change anything. There is nothing else that we can do except to leave.

Suddenly, I’m glad about everything that had happened in the past seven months. At least it had given me a direction and ‘force’ me to make a decision.

I just can’t wait to surrender my card back to the garment now.