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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Shangri La!

For Y100 per room, we actually get free internet access. It is so worth it though breakfast is not included in the price pf the room.

After the gruesome 13 hours transit at the Hong Kong airport, i have finally reached Yunnan. It is 15 degree celcius at Kuming which is still rather cooling for me.

I took an internal flight over to Zhongdian which is also known as Shangri La to many. It is so cold over here! It was -5 degree celcius when my plane reached the airport. We took a mini tour around the vicinity of Shangri La and the weather actually falls below -20 degree celcius after nightfall. I nearly died from the cold, that is not to mention that some of us suffer from the high altitude sickness. But all the suffering is worth it when we reached some of the scenic places. Will upload the pictures when i get back. It actually snows at the peak of some mountain and i get to see snow for the first time in my life.

After 2 days here in Shangri La, tomorrow we will be taking the bus to Lijiang to continue with our tour. Can't wait to get there cos it is simply too cold here. My fingers are frozen as i'm typing this. Have to end it here before it gets frozebite!

Till then, tata!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

At Hong Kong!

I have reach the Hong Kong airport safely and am waiting for my transit plane to Kunming which is unfortunately 13 hours later. So that means i have to do with a proper bed and shower and probably bored to death at the airport for 13 long hours.. Sobz.. Luckily there is internet access here so i can at least waste sometime going online.

The temperature on the plane and at the airport is not as cold as i wished it had been. Now, i'm so regretting wearing a long sleeve cotton top. I'm sweating here.

There is nothing much to say except to wish YY a safe trip and remember to bring something for me! Haha.. I'm joking.

Although i had eaten a big share on the plane, i'm still gonna go grab some supper (gash! There goes my diet...).

Until i can find internet access again or 14 days later when i'm back, i will update again.

Finally... The big day!

Well, not that big actually. Just that i'm flying off in 14 hours time and i'm still struggling to finish my work and packing my bag. Speaking of my lugguage, i'm actually surprised that it is pretty small for my standard. Hopefully, i'd not forgotten something. Need to double check later. Meanwhile, work is almost done except for some diagrams (i hate drawing diagrams!).

Went with YY on Friday to hunt for a backpack of suitable size and YY spot one, both prefect in size and price. Thanks YY!

I just can't wait to get to China and enjoy the cold weather there. The humid weather here is making me breakout! But then again, i hate to dress like a dumpling. I'm still excited nonetheless. After years of first seeing Lijiang on TV, i'm finally able to visit the place and see it with my own eyes and not through the lens of others.

All right, i need to get back to work and packing my bag. I will be away for 14 days so try not to call me but sms me instead. Overseas calls are expensive!

In case, anyone will miss me...

Till then, tata!

p/s: Have a safe trip YY!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Just thinking...

I'm flying off this Sunday and yet i'm still struggling to finish off some work. The invigilation work is more tiring than i had expected. Now i know why some teachers do not wanna go for the invigilation.

Have a rough idea of the classes that i will be taking next year and it is mostly upper sec. That was an intimidating thought since i'm more comfortable with the lower sec classes (they are far more easy to control!). But i think my colleague is right that i have to learn to step out of my comfort zone.

It is a huge responsibility to take on the graduating classes but it is also a good way for performance. All in all, i'm glad for this opportunities and keeping my fingers cross that i will be able to do the job well.

Now i need to pack for my trip and finish editing the book. Can't wait to get to the cool weather of China!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The New Number Game

I have been away for some time. No, make that a long time instead. I hasn't been slacking. In fact, i have been really tied with my time. Imagine going out for invigilation, then back to school for lessons, then back to invigilation, then back to CCA. Then take that scenario and multiple by 5 days, you might probably get a slight taste of my current life.

It is crazy. On top of all the rushing, i still have to find time somehow to complete the SOW and resources for next year, which is due by this Friday. So pardon me if i seem like i'm losing my sanity (actually it is more like my sleep.. I'm gonna look like a panda again!).

That wasn't what i had wanted to blog about. I wanna talk about something else. But before that, i had put up another message board (hooray!!) for communication. Once again, it is pink.

All right, what do i wanna talk about? My title says the new number game. Indeed, but it actually refers to my weight. Make that my current weight.

I'd ballooned to such an extend that i could no longer pretend that the few extra gams or kilos is all right. I had been frequently tease by my colleagues about my current figure. Their comments were malicious, probably due to the fact that they are overjoyed that i could no longer fit into that tight, skinny jeans of mine.

How much weight had i put on? Erm, i think that is one figure that i prefer not to mention, until i had managed to lose it. But trust me, it is a huge number. Very huge. I had given myself 2 months to lose half of the weight that i had put on this year and i'm determined to do it.

When i have finally lose those weight, i'm so gonna wear my pretty skinny jeans and show it to those people who has been making fun of me and swearing that i will NEVER lose the extra fat that i had put on.

I think they do not understand me that well. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.

So try not to tempt me with those delicious food ok?