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Friday, February 25, 2005


I know i should be doing my lesson plan but seriously i dunno what to do teach for next week CPA lesson. I have been trying but it is just tough.. No SoW for me to follow, i have to crack my own brains to think what to teach them. Plus, this class is a very 'famous' among the teachers too. Seriously, i wonder they really think as a trainee i can handle the toughest class in the school? I'm quite tired last night trying to handle an equally challenging class last year. Wonder why i always get such class? Is it cos of my look?? I hate screaming at the students. A waste of my voice. I just wish the school can have better discipline. Save a lot of troubles on the teachers' side...

It's back to the lesson plan...

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Thoughts From School

I have been doing lesson plans non-stop even since practicum has started. 4 days and going, i'm still trying to get use to the culture of the school. Occasionally, i will see some of my NIE friends online and damn.. I miss having lessons in the CPA laboratory where we are just having fun together. Suddenly i miss the lecturer too. But i also know that my honeymoon period is over. It is time to start work. I can't be a student forever.. I should be gladful that i have this one year of wonderful experience and many new and exciting friends.

The teachers around me are busy typing non-stop on their keyboards. They are probably doing serious stuffs while i'm typing away in my blog. What to do? I need to relieve a bit of my stress and the best way is to come here and write all my thoughts!

Later at this evening i will be starting the first lesson of my Lindy dance. Kinda excited about it cos i will get to see the rest! Ha.. Can imagine now how fun it will be. I'm glad i decided to take up the dance. Now i can used this one a week dinner as a catch-up session with the rest.

Guess i should be getting back to my lesson plans. I still have lesson at 11am.. Till then, tata!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My Practicum Life

It is the 2nd day of my practicum. Seriously, it already starts to drag a little. First, the discipline of the school kinda put me off. Secondly, the school is really disorganised. I have been there for 2 days and i haven't really gotten textbooks nor SOW. I really dunno how to teach next week, not to mention i have to do lesson plans. Luckily, out of the 3 classes that i have, 2 are consider rather good. So i'm left to think how to deal with the challenging N(T) class that i have. I'm not scared to teach them. Just haven't thought of any way to deal with them yet. I guess i need to 'feel' them a bit mroe before i know what i can do.

I'm so handicapped in school without a computer on my desk. I can't do any work. The teachers' workroom has very limited computers which should seriously be donated to India and they are always taken. All i can do now is to hope and pray that they will give me a laptop soon cos i need to use IT in my lessons next week. Well, at least i have finally moved in to my cubicle. Now i feel more at ease at my desk.

Went to meet Jessintha at Causeway point just now. I was so late. I made her waited for 45 mins. Yeah, i know. Bad of me. So sorry jess! But we have a good time catching up and suddenly i realised i seriously missed those days at WGS. I guess it is just human. I used to think my contract school is quite bad but when there is comparison now, i wished i'm back there. At least, i have some really good colleagues there who wished that i'm back there too. I missed my students there too. I have built so much rapport with them that i dun feel like doing it all over again. It is kinda tiring to do that.

Jess and i were hold back by an insurance agent. Funny guy. He kept talking non-stop when i have told him that i knew about the plan that he is trying to sell us. He even showed us his profile and how much he earned a year. Jess feels that he is cute. I think he is only ok after you minus away the factor that he earns at least $100, 000 a year. Plus, he talks too much. I can't stand it cos i talks alot too! Haha..

I think for the next few weeks, this blog will be mainly me talking about my practicum life so if you are not bored with it, dun forget to check out this space of mine =)