Just like the million others who is living under the same sky, I'm just trying to find that significant one to write my own fairy tale stories...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My boring mugger life

*cough cough*

I have been sick again. Kept wondering why am i getting sick so frequently recently.. Spent the last 3 days in bed doing nothing.. Arrgh.. I'm so gonna be overwhelmed by work when i get back.

Coming online is turning out to be a real challenge when my internet broadband starts giving me problem.. Updating my blog is even worse when i realised i had nothing interesting to update here.. *sobz*

Went for some shopping at Body Shop with YY the other day.

Bought 2 perfumes. Thanks to YY for contributing the blue one to make it a complete set =)

I had only wanted to buy a single bottle of perfume and we ended up buying $100+ worth of products in the shop..

One advice: Never go shopping with another girl who had zero resistance for shopping.. Haha

I have been bringing my new toy out with me everyday..

An iPod nano! 4 whole GB! A big improvement from my 256mb mp3 player. Life is good with music.

Oh.. Before i start on another nonsense rambling..

My dear NIE friends, how abt a christmas gathering with gift exchange???? Like the idea? Then we can finally all have a gathering like our valentine gathering this year, except no pinic please.. Haha..

Sunday, November 20, 2005

I need something magical...

It's confirm.

I am so damn stupid!!

Arrgh... I bought the Harry Potter movie tickets for 9.20pm but somehow my brain registered it as 9.40pm and so i was still happily telling my friend that it is still early to go into the cinema at 9.50pm cos they got so much advertisement. To my horror, when i stepped in, the movie was already playing.. I thought maybe it was some pre-view.. But.. Wait a minute, i'm gonna watch this movie, so where does the pre-view comes from?? I was still trying to console myself that maybe the movie had just started and we had only few seconds of it when i realised it might have been showing longer than i'd expected. I checked my tickets again and finally realised that the movie starts at 9.20pm not 9.40pm. I felt so stupid! I believe only i can do such a stupid stunt. I felt so sorry for my friend who had to miss the first 20 mins of the movies because of my stupidity. I felt so bad and embarrass now that i need Harry Potter to make me some magical potion to forget about this incident or even better, to make me something that will make me smarter so that i won't make mistake like this again. Where is magic when you need them??

Ok, aside from my stupidity, lets talk about the movie. "The Goblet of fire" has always been my favourite book (i have not read the latest one but i heard it is good) and i was really really looking forward to the movie. Sad to say, i'm a little bit disappointed. It is not bad but not as interesting as i thought it would be. There are so many things that were describe in the book but were not shown in the movie. Maybe the style of the new director just doesn't suit this movie. It gave me the feeling that it is so 'un-harry potter', if there is such a thing. I do not want to specify what it is because i do not want to spoilt the fun of watching the movie for yourself. I just wish it could be better..

I think i will go catch it a second time to watch what i have missed out. With the Harry Potter book series coming to the end, the magical journey is ending soon. Well, i supposed i just have to enjoy the remaining few years of my "HP" fever before i embark on another.

Now, i should go to bed and try to forget the fact that i'd just ruined the feeling of watching the movie that i'd anticipated for so long...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Excuse me, but your top is too short..

I can never understand what is the fuss over what one wears to school. I mean if my clothes are decent, not revealing, does it matters if it fashionable or not? I have been told by the higher authorities that my top is too short.. Ya right.. I went around asking if my top is too short as they had said and my colleagues joking said that maybe they wanna me to dress like the women in IRAN, all covered up! Quite angry about it. Maybe i should post a picture of what i'm wearing now and let you all decide if my top is really too short. What the?? So i cannot wear nice clothes to school lar is it? I must wear tu tu like those who teaches in the 70s huh. Damn stupid. My clothes is my freedom of expression and there is nothing wrong with it! Get that in mind.

Moving away from the dressing issue, i do not know what is wrong with the GV website!!! They simply refused to accept my online booking for the longest time! Arrgh.. Now i cannot book movie tickets for my Harry Potter movie this Sat. Crap. Just what i need. Another thing to irritate me further.

Angry angry angry angry...

Think i should just leave the stupid school that is making me angry and go to a GV cinema to buy my tickets personally.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Super, duper cold

It is a cold day for me.. Not normally cold but minus 5 oC mind you!

It was a day of field trip for me, a few other teachers and the students to the Snow City. I was mroe prepared this time round (unlike last time where i was literally freezing inside during the NIE field trip). The students are rather excited, actually so was i. I did not really get to play around the last time i went there, it was more like a visit.

Armed with thick jackets and winter shoes, we spent about 2 hours at the cold temperature. I had always wanted to try sliding down the slope but i was too much of a scardy cat to do things like this. Not wanting to be a spoiltsport, i *glup* forced myself to climb up to the top of the slope and slided down the 3 storeys high slope. It was fun but my butt is so cold that it is still numb from the coldness.

I would love to put up pictures but i did not bring my camera. Then again, it might be a good idea not to put up pictures where i'm screaming my head off.

I'm just rotting here in the staffroom waiting for my friend to go out for dinner.. Damn.. I wish i'd brought another pair of bottom to change..

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I have a big head..

Yes i do.. From trying to get my work review out. I had a review with my HOD today and there are quite a number of changes to be done. Frankly i'm a bit lost on where to start now... Someone help me!! SOS!

Apart from that, i'm just enjoying my work. This may sounds funny but i'm really enjoying my busy schedule.. I think it may be the first time where i'm enjoying work in my current workplace. I'm still hanging out in school now trying to write my work review before going for my kids' class party. It is gonna be a mad day of rush with me rushing from school to party to Salsa to home. Piew... Hope i still have energy left to work on my work review tonight.. Sobz...

Before i forget...

May you have a wonderful day and stay cute!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Random posting

Too many things that i wanna blog about...

First, regarding the J's incident, i wanna thank a few ppl.

Thank you to J who encourage me in such a special way... Really, i'm game for mahjong whenever.

Thank you to YY, who never failed to give me a helping hand.

Thank you to KJ, who always say nice things.. Hmmm.. Ok, most of the time if not always.

Thank you to M, who told me that i should not keep look back if not i will lose more friends! How true..

Lastly, J do you think you can take on another nick?? Gives me the creeps.. Sounds as though J is coming back to huant me... Brrr...


I went to watch SKY HIGH with FT yesterday. Actually i sort of drag her to watch.

I secretly like to watch this kind of stupid movies which attracts teenager. Stupid as they may, they provide good entertainment nonetheless. I have a good 100 mins laughing away so it is money well spend.

FIY KJ, stop suspecting my friend is a guy!!!!


I finally have the time to start reading again. Not comics mind you but books with words. I read from the magazine that a new movie "The Chronicles of Nadia" is coming out and YY preview it on her blog so i actually went to reserve the book as well.

However, when i got the book i got quite a shock. Maybe i had reserve the wrong copies.. But the ones that i got was children's book with big picture as illustrations. Have i misunderstood? Is these series a children tales? -_-'''

Now, now.. I couldn't bring these big books with beautiful pictures to school right? I was quite embarrassed at the library when a few kids kept looking the copies in my hands. So i have decide to read them at home.

Must admit was a little bit disappointed. Not as interesting as i thought but still worth to read. Maybe it will gets better at the end. I have not yet reach there.


It is draggy when it is holiday (for the kids) but it is not. I have to start teaching again tmr when i have absolute no mood to do so..


I dun even have mood to do other stuffs.. I'm just thinking about my bbk trip. Speaking of it.. The people going are finally finalized.. Piew.. Now to get start to book tickets and hotels.. Any good ones to recommend?

Friday, November 04, 2005

Damn you!

I'm not angry.. No, i'm not. I'm just very mad!

You know what i hate? I hate ppl who simply cannot make up their mind. So bullshit. You think it is easy to coordinate a tour? You think it takes no effort to check for hotels and air tickets rates? You think i'm very free huh! Just for your info, i have like a freaking tons of works to do, i'm no more a trainee or contract teacher where i can just slack off. Don't take me for granted that i'm supposed to do all these!

Feel like skinning some ppl. If you wanna go, just say yes. Dun tell me yes yes and then last min say no, not sure, can confirm again and then take forever to decide only to say maybe you will draw out at last min. If you are indecisive, that is your problem, dun spoilt my holiday plans can?

Are you guys kids? Cannot travel with only a friend is it? Must have a big of ppl you know is it? Fucking irritating. Especially when i have to keep asking and asking. Excuse me, i'm busy like all of you can? Cannot say cannot lar. Dun keep saying see see. See what? See your head lar! I already had a bad enough year and you guys cannot let me travel in peace is it.

Arrgh.. See! Make me write such a nasty entry.


P/s: I'm not writing about one person, i'm writing about all of you!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I'm starting to feel suffocated again. Too many duties and responsibilies had been thrown in my way. I think it is time to start saying NO to certain things. I dun think i can handle being in the discipline comm, managing 2 CCA, be in charge of the new CPA modulal system, be a form teacher, start a science research project for the students, all at the same time.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

To J

It happened again.

A friend of mine who had not contacted me for nearly a year just called me. But that wasn't a call to ask me how i'm doing. It was a call to inform me that i'd lost another friend. This time, i did not even get to attend the funeral for it had happened 2 weeks ago and they couldn't contact me because they do not have my number and had to wait for this particular friend of mine to come back and inform me.

My mind is in a total blank now. I do not know how to feel. Somewhere inside me, i felt like crying but i'm unusually calm now. Like when i first heard of V's death. Maybe the feeling of sadness will hit me later. I'm really start to get a phobia of getting calls from friends who had not called me for some times..


J was my senior from my junior collage. My OG has a very close relationship and most of us are in the same CCA. We spent the best of our 2 years joking and having fun. J wasn't a particularly funny guy but he does always has his way to make us laugh. Until now i can still remember how we used to carry oranges around and go to each other house during Chinese New Year. There was this incident where we had reached J's HDB block but we do not know which level did he stay and we did stupid things like standing under his block and shouting for him (which actually works). I still remember telling myself that his family must have loved birds for they had lotsa bird at home.

I had forgotten when we had stop such gathering but i think it should be 1,2 years ago. We simply get too busy. But we still meet up here and then. I still met him at the NTU campus earlier this year when i'm still training in NIE. He still called me months back and asked us to go movies. I made up an excuse and said that i have assignments to complete when actually i was just simply too lazy to go out because i wanna rot in my hall. I was thinking, it is ok to miss this one because i can always ask him and the rest out the next time. There is still amber time for us to gather.

Well, i was wrong. I will never get to fulfill that movie date that i had promised him. I kinda hate myself now. Is this a cruel joke or is someone up there trying to me that i should treasure my friends and never put off meeting them for small things like because i'm too lazy to go out?

It is Deja Vu all over again.

I can't believe i'm posting this. I can't believe i had to go through this again. I have only just accepted V's death and am still waiting for an answer to his mystery death and now this?

I'd the urge to call all my JC friends and ask them if they know what happened to J. But here i'm blogging instead. Really, what is the point of asking? The fact is that he is gone and i didn't get a chance to pay my last respect to him because i'm missing from too many gatherings that not many have my number.

I'm supposed to put up an entry as a memorial for J but here i'm writing nonsense. I hate myself.

Screw life. I hate it.